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Women and Psychology

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This series brings together current theory, research and practice on women and psychology. Drawing on scholarship from a number of different areas of psychology, it bridges the gap between abstract research and the reality of women's lives by integrating theory and practice, research and policy.

Each book addresses a 'cutting edge' issue, covering topics such as postnatal depression, abortion, pregnancy, sexual violence, mothering, madness or eating disorders. Authors draw on a wide range of theories and approaches – including post-structuralism, social constructionism, psychoanalysis, social cognition, development psychology, and intersectionality. Some books include research data, primarily of a qualitative nature, others focus on theory or practice.

The series provides accessible and concise accounts of key issues in the study of women and psychology, and clearly demonstrates the centrality of psychology debates within women's studies or feminism.
If you are interested in contributing a book to the series, contact the series editor for information about the process of submitting a proposal: [email protected]

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Women and Aging Transcending the Myths

Women and Aging: Transcending the Myths

1st Edition

By Linda R. Gannon
June 21, 1999

Aging in women has traditionally been defined by the menopause, however it is often social and economic changes which are more important to women.In Aging in Women Linda Gannon redresses the balance. From a feminist perspective, she critically reviews current research and provides a more ...

Gender, Language and Discourse

Gender, Language and Discourse

1st Edition

By Ann Weatherall
September 27, 2002

Is language sexist? Do women and men speak different languages?Gender, Language and Discourse uniquely examines the contribution that psychological research - in particular, discursive psychology - has made to answering these questions. Until now, books on gender and language have tended to be ...

Woman's Relationship with Herself Gender, Foucault and Therapy

Woman's Relationship with Herself: Gender, Foucault and Therapy

1st Edition

By Helen O'Grady
February 07, 2005

Woman's Relationship with Herself explores the relationship women have with themselves and demonstrates how this relationship is often dominated by debilitating practices of self-surveillance. Employing Foucault's notion of panoptical power, Helen O'Grady illuminates the link between this kind of ...

The Thin Woman Feminism, Post-structuralism and the Social Psychology of Anorexia Nervosa

The Thin Woman: Feminism, Post-structuralism and the Social Psychology of Anorexia Nervosa

1st Edition

By Helen Malson
December 15, 1997

The Thin Woman provides an in-depth discussion of anorexia nervosa from a feminist social psychological standpoint. Medicine, psychiatry and psychology have all presented us with particular ways of understanding eating disorders, yet the notion of 'anorexia' as a medical condition limits our ...

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