1st Edition

Women and the Public Sphere A critque of sociology and politics

Edited By Janet Siltanen, Michelle Stanworth Copyright 1984

    First published in 1984, Women and the Public Sphere is a collection of essays which challenges the argument that a woman’s sphere is private with relation to politics, and shows it to be profoundly mistaken. The authors demonstrate how all the traditions of political analysis have failed to take into account women’s capacity for political action and thought, and argue for a reconstruction of political analysis which recognizes the importance of gender. The essays are written from different political perspectives, and at different points in time. They span critique and reconstruction, pinpointing problems within the traditional literature, as well as challenging its conceptual framework. This engaging volume will have strong appeal for courses in gender studies, political science and sociology.

    List of Tables Acknowledgements Preface General introduction 1. Introduction 2. Male and female: job versus gender models in the sociology of work Roslyn Feldberg and Evelyn Nakano Glenn 3. Industrial radicalism and the domestic division of labour Ian Watt 4. Workers side by side: women and the trade union movement Pauline Hunt 5. Militancy and acquiescence among women workers Kate Purcell 6. Women as employees: social consciousness and collective action Richard Brown 7. Unions: the men’s affair? Huw Beynon and Robert Blackburn 8. Unity is strength? Feminism and the labour movement Michele Barrett 9. Introduction 10. Politics an unnatural practice: political science looks at female participation Susan Bourque and Jean Grossholtz 11. Women: if not apolitical, then conservative Murray Goot and Elizabeth Reid 12. Women and voting in Britain Jill Hills 13. The party identifications of women: Parkin put to the test Stan Taylor 14. Candidate evaluations by men and women Goldie Shabad and Kristi Andersen 15. Gender, levels of political thinking and political action M. Kent Jennings and Barbara Farah 16. Women in positions of political leadership in Britain, France and West Germany Donna S. Sanzone 17. Beyond leadership Hilary Wainwright 18. The politics of private woman and public man Janet Siltanen and Michelle Stanworth Notes and references Index


    Janet Siltanen and Michelle Stanworth