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1st Edition

Women in Audio

ISBN 9781138315990
Published December 9, 2019 by Focal Press
334 Pages 143 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Women in Audio features almost 100 profiles and stories of audio engineers who are women and have achieved success throughout the history of the trade. Beginning with a historical view, the book covers the achievements of women in various audio professions and then focuses on organizations that support and train women and girls in the industry. What follows are eight chapters divided by discipline, highlighting accomplished women in various audio fields: radio; sound for film and television; music recording and electronic music; hardware and software design; acoustics; live sound and sound for theater; education; audio for games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, as well as immersive sound.

Women in Audio is a valuable resource for professionals, educators, and students looking to gain insight into the careers of trailblazing women in audio-related fields and represents required reading for those looking to add diversity to their music technology programs.

Table of Contents



To the Young Reader



Chapter One: History

Women in Early Audio History

Ada Lovelace (England)

Fun Facts: What is an algorithm?

Marie Sophie-Germain (France)

Fun Facts: Plate Reverb

Margaret Watts-Hughes (Wales)

Fun Facts: Grace Digney (Ireland) and a modern day Eidophone

Frances Densmore (USA)

Fun facts: The Phonautograph and the Phonograph

Fun Facts: The Graphophone

Aletha Mae Dickerson-Robinson

Women in Talking Pictures

Ursula Greville

Margaret Booth

British Women in Film Sound

The emerging record industry

Helen Oakley Dance (Canada)

World War II

The Audio Engineering Society

Mary Shipman Howard (USA)

Marianna Sankiewicz-Budzyńska

Post War Women in Audio

Kay Rose (USA)

Vivian Carter Bracken (USA)

Cordell Jackson

Ethel Gabriel

Marion Keisker MacInnes

The 1960s

Wilma Cozart Fine

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Daphne Oram

Delia Derbyshire (England)

Fun Facts: The Deliaphonica Game

Bell Labs

70’s Second Wave Feminism and Women’s Music

Virgo Rising

June Millington and Fanny

Olivia Records

The Changer and the Changed

Joan Lowe (USA)

Woman Sound

Not so Fun Facts: Imposter Syndrome

Leslie Ann Jones

The 1980s

The Institute for the Musical Arts

AES 1980

MTV: Music Television

Susan Rogers (USA)

The 1990s

Women in Audio: Project 2000

The 21st century

Why are there so few women in audio?

Sexism and Gender Bias in the Audio Industry

"Opting out" of the conversation

Sexual Harassment

On motherhood

On Age

The Annenberg Study

Recording Academy Task Force

The Grammys and Recording Academy Class of 2019

Audio Engineering Society 2019


Chapter Two: Outreach: Organizations and Current Initiatives


Digital Audio Eco Feminism

Erin Barra and Beats By Girlz (USA)

Fun Facts: Ableton Live and Ableton Push

Phebean Adedamola Oluwagbemi (Nigeria)

Audio Girl Africa (Nigeria)

Female Frequency (USA)

Dani Mari (USA)

I Am Snow Angel (USA)

Women in Sound Zine and Madeleine Campbell (USA)

Gender Amplified (USA)

Ebonie Smith (USA)

The Creator’s Suite (USA)

Abhita Austin (USA)

Yorkshire Sound Women Network (England)

International Women Working in Film

Sound Women (United Kingdom)

Terri Winston and Women’s Audio Mission (USA)



Chapter Three: Radio and Podcasts

Careers in radio and podcasts

Tools of the Trade: Radio

Cathy Hughes (USA)

Ann Charles (England)

Ioana Barbu

Caryl Owen (USA)

Suraya Mohamed (USA)

Lorna White (USA)

Nadia Hassan-Garschagen (Germany)



Chapter Four: Sound for Television & Film

Careers in Sound for Film and Television

Feature Films and Documentaries

Post Production

Live Broadcast

Tools of the Trade: Location Sound

Tools of the Trade: Post Production for television and film

Jan McLaughlin, CAS (USA)

Judi Lee-Headman (England)

Lori Dovi (USA)

Ai-Ling Lee (Singapore)

April Tucker (USA)

Karol Urban, CAS (USA)

Haniya Aslam (Pakistan)

'Lisa' Xiang Li (China)

Sajida Khan (India)

Catharine Wood (USA)

Anna Bertmark (Sweden)


Chapter Five: Music Recording and Electronic Music

Careers in Music Recording and Electronic Music

Electronic Music

Pamela Z

Suzanne Ciani

Cecilia Wu (China)


Kay Huang (Taiwan)

Elaine Martone (USA)

Erica Brenner (USA)

Linda Briceño (Venezuela)

Virginia Read (Australia)

Mastering Engineers

Emily Lazar (USA)

Jett Galindo (Philippines)

Piper Payne (USA)

Anna Frick (USA)

Darcy Proper (USA)

Fun facts: Vinyl Mastering

Fun Facts: Loudness Wars

Recording Engineers

Lenise Bent (USA)

Erin Tonkon (USA)

Jill Zimmermann (Germany)

Wendy Beines (Argentina)

Other Women in Music Recording


Chapter Six: Hardware and Software Design

Careers in Hardware and Software

Fun Facts: Make your own Audio Plugin with MATLAB

Tools of the Trade: Hardware and Software Design

Laurie Spiegel (USA)

Carla Scaletti (USA)

EveAnna Dauray Manley (USA)

Marina Bosi (Italy)

Erisa Sato (Japan)

Elisabeth Löchen (France)

Marie Louise Killick (England)

Carol Bousquet (USA)

Dawn Birr (USA)

Other women in Hardware and Software


Chapter Seven: Acoustics and Design

Careers in Acoustics

Tools of the Trade: Acoustics

Fun Facts: Weighting Curves

Jamie Angus-Whiteoak (England)

Fun Facts: Spread Spectrum

Elizabeth Cohen (USA)

Samantha Weller (USA)

Fun Facts: Ray Tracing

Orla Murphy (Ireland)

Fun Facts: Ear Training and Critical Listening

Linda Gedemer (USA)

Women in Acoustics Committee


Chapter Eight: Live and Theater Sound

Careers in Live Sound:

Tools of the Trade: Live Sound

Fun Facts: Safe Listening Levels

Kathy Sander-Olhoeft (USA)

Betty Cantor-Jackson (USA)

Brandie Lane (USA)

Karrie Keyes (USA)

Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato (USA)

Fela Davis

Carolina Anton (Mexico)

Leya Soraide (Bolivia)

Tzu-Wei Peng (Taiwan)

Jessica Paz (USA)


Chapter Nine: Education

A brief history of audio education

Academic Standards

Careers in Higher Education

Education-related Volunteer and Non-Profit Work

Tools of the Trade: Education

Martha de Francisco (Columbia)

Robin Coxe-Yeldham (USA)

Theresa Leonard (Canada)

Lisa Nigris (USA)

Valeria Palomino (Mexico)

Liz Dobson

Cosette Collier (USA)


Chapter Ten: Games, Immersive Sound, and Audio for Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Tools of the Trade: Game Sound

Tools of the Trade: Immersive Audio

Tools of the Trade: Binaural Audio

Other tools

Women in Game Sound: Industry Statistics

Winifred Phillips (USA)

Eiko Ishiwata (Canada)

Ayako Yamauchi (Japan)

Fun Facts: Ambisonics

Emily Ridgeway (Australia)

Fun Facts: Head Related Transfer Functions

Khris Brown (USA)

Fun Facts: TASCAM Portastudio

Pam Aronoff (USA)

Fun Facts: Wwise

Anastasia Devana (Russia)

Fun Facts: Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Victoria Dorn (USA)

Sally Kellaway (Australia)

Fei Yu (China)


About the Author


Recommended Reading

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

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Leslie Gaston-Bird (AMPS, MPSE) is an audio engineer, Governor-at-Large for the Audio Engineering Society, and member of the Recording Academy. She has worked for National Public Radio (Washington, D.C.), Colorado Public Radio, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Post Modern Company, and the University of Colorado Denver.


"Leslie Gaston has done a wonderful job of chronicling our history and the many women who contributed to it. Thanks for helping us to be more visible in an industry that hasn’t always made that easy." 

Leslie Ann JonesGrammy® Winning Recording Engineer