1st Edition

Women, the Crusades, the Templars and Hospitallers in Medieval European Society and Culture

By Helen J. Nicholson Copyright 2025
    328 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Known worldwide among scholars of medieval Europe for her books on the Knights Hospitaller and the Knights Templar, the trial of the Templars in Britain and Ireland, and women and the crusades, Professor Helen J. Nicholson has drawn together in this volume a selection of her shorter publications, previously published in academic journals, scholarly collections, or online.

    Reflecting almost thirty years of published research, this collection includes articles focusing on women’s depiction in contemporary writing on the crusades and their involvement with the military religious orders, the Templars’ and Hospitallers’ relations with the rulers of Latin Christendom and with their noble patrons, and their operations in Britain and Ireland.

    Women, the Crusades, the Templars and Hospitallers in Medieval European Society and Culture will interest scholars, students, and other researchers studying the military religious orders, the crusades, and women’s lives in medieval Europe and the crusader states.

    Part 1: Women in the Crusades and the Military Orders


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    Part 2: The Templars’ and Hospitallers’ relations with rulers and medieval society


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    Helen J. Nicholson is Emerita Professor of History at Cardiff University, Wales, U.K. She has published extensively on the Templars and Hospitallers, the crusades, medieval warfare, and various related subjects. Her books include The Knights Hospitaller (2001), The Proceedings Against the Templars in the British Isles (2011), Sybil, Queen of Jerusalem, 1186–1190, in Routledge’s Rulers of the Latin East series (2022), and Women and the Crusades (2023).