1st Edition

Women's Conflicts About Eating and Sexuality The Relationship Between Food and Sex

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    Women’s Conflicts About Eating and Sexuality explores the strong relationships food and sex have represented to women over the years. No other book has spelled out so clearly the parallels between sex and eating nor integrated the relationship of these to women’s basic need to be loved.

    Today’s dilemma for women--be fat or go hungry--and the endless variations and unsatisfying solutions to this problem have contributed to the incidence of anorexia, bulimia, and obesity. The pursuit of slimness, the obsession with having the perfect body, excessive aerobicizing, and diet books ad nauseam are all part of this phenomenon. Authors in Women’s Conflicts About Eating and Sexuality skillfully discuss the parallel between women’s obsession with sex and romance in the fifties and their obsession with food today. An important book for all women, it sheds light on the complex issues facing women and devotes special attention to the career woman and the additional pressures to be slim and stay slim.

    The woman who reads this potentially life-changing book can examine, question, and change her behavior, using the specific step-by-step program aid included in the book. This book is for every woman who has ever worried about being too fat or too sexual. Women’s Conflicts About Eating and Sexuality will appeal to women of all ages--young women and their mothers will be fascinated by the parallels between sexual obsessions of thirty years ago and the eating obsessions of today.

    This healing book will particularly attract single career women for whom sex and relationships are fraught with complications. Counselors and therapists will find this book an excellent resource in their work with helping women. It is also a good auxiliary text for courses in Women’s Studies focusing on psychology and history of women and the sociology of women and eating disorders.

    Contents Good Girls Don’t Eat Dessert
    • The Love Affair With Food
    • Eat and Be Thin
    • To Do IT or Not to Do IT
    • The Sexual Revolution
    • Sex: More Trouble Than It’s Worth
    • The Flight From Feeling and the Lack of Intimacy
    • When Eating Was Okay
    • Consuming Passions
    • Food, Sex, Love, and Power
    • Breaking Free
    • Towards a New Consciousness
    • Index


    Cole, Ellen; Rothblum, Esther D; Weiss, Lillie; Meadow, Rosalyn