1st Edition

Word Study for Literacy Leaders Guiding Professional Learning

Edited By Anne C. Ittner, Shane Templeton Copyright 2023

    Written and edited by experts in the field, this book provides a blueprint for weaving effective word study into the fabric of classrooms and schools. Provided are principles, ideas, materials, and activities for use with teachers in a range of professional learning contexts. Key topics include word study foundations and orthographic knowledge; implementing collaborative coaching models, "learning huddles," and workshops; and word study strategies for young children, emergent bilingual students, and adolescents. Helpful reproducible tools include the empirically validated Word Study Classroom Observation Guide. Purchasers get access to a companion website where they can download and print the reproducible materials in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.

    Foreword, Shane Templeton, Marcia Invernizzi, and Francine R. Johnston
    I. Foundations of Word Study and Professional Learning
    1. Foundations of Word Study Instruction, Donald R. Bear, Amy Frederick, Darl Kiernan, & Anne C. Ittner
    2. Professional Learning and Word Study, Anne C. Ittner, Amy Frederick, Darl Kiernan, & Donald R. Bear
    II. Coaching Word Study Instruction
    3. Using the Word Study Classroom Observation Guide to Stimulate Professional Reflection and Growth, Kristin M. Gehsmann
    4. Learning Huddles: Collaborating to Improve Word Study Instruction, Darl Kiernan & Kim Austin
    5. Literacy Coaching Approaches in Word Study, Sarah Negrete, Treena Parker, & Shari Dunn
    6. The Promise of Virtual Coaching for Professional Learning in Word Study and Beyond, Kristin Burger & Anna Jennerjohn
    III. Professional Learning in Different Word Study Settings
    7. How Do You Help Teachers Strategically Support Emergent Bilinguals?, Lori Helman & Anne C. Ittner
    8. Support and Insight for Teachers of Young Children, Laura Tortorelli & Annmarie Petrozzelli Spear
    9. Expanding Possibilities for Multimodal Word Study Instruction Using a Design Thinking Approach, Maggie Struck & Elizabeth Weise
    10. Preparing Preservice Teachers to Teach Developmental Word Study in Diverse Classrooms, Hiawatha Smith & Amy Frederick
    11 Developing Professional Knowledge to Implement Word Study Interventions, Latisha Hayes
    12. Engaging Teachers of Adolescent Readers in Vocabulary-Focused Professional Learning, Madison Weary & Kevin Flanigan
    13. Metalinguistic Journeys: Supporting Secondary Teachers with Academic Vocabulary Instruction, Dianna Townsend & Rachel Knecht
    14. Getting Administrators on Board, Alisa Simeral
    Appendix: Word Study Classroom Observation Guide


    Anne C. Ittner, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Literacy Education at St. Cloud State University. Dr. Ittner taught for many years in elementary school settings as a classroom teacher and English language teacher. She has worked as a literacy coach with the Path to Reading Excellence at School Sites Project at the Minnesota Center for Reading Research and served on the faculty at Western Oregon University. Her research interests include professional learning, literacy coaching, early reading instruction and assessment for multilingual learners, and online learning for teacher candidates.

    Amy Frederick, PhD, is Associate Professor of Literacy Education at the University of Wisconsin–River Falls, where she teaches undergraduate reading courses and is Director of the Graduate Reading Program. Before earning her doctorate, Dr. Frederick was an elementary teacher of English learners, a professional development specialist for multilingual programs, and a literacy coach in Saint Paul, Minnesota, public schools. Her research interests are at the intersection of language development, literacy learning, and teacher education.

    Darl Kiernan, PhD, is a Professional Learning Leader with the Northeastern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program, where she works with educators and administrators in six rural districts. A former special educator and classroom teacher, Dr. Kiernan has taught students across the elementary grades. She has also served as a reading specialist and university instructor, and she provided oversight for English language arts statewide for the Nevada Department of Education. She is a recipient of the Celebrate Literacy Award from the International Literacy Association.

    Donald R. Bear, PhD, is Professor Emeritus in Literacy Studies at Iowa State University and the University of Nevada, Reno, where he directed literacy centers and taught at all levels. A leader in literacy education, Dr. Bear is author or coauthor of numerous articles and chapters and 17 books. His research explores the synchrony of literacy development from beginning concept of word in prekindergarten to how morphology underlies academic vocabulary learning. He is a recipient of awards for teaching and service and has served on boards and advisory groups for professional organizations.

    "Finally, a research-based, developmentally sound guide for literacy instruction and learning! This comprehensive work from leaders in word study provides multiple resources for literacy specialists and instructional leaders. It includes sample lesson plans, grouping configurations, reflection prompts, and a valuable protocol for observing and planning word study lessons. The book impressively brings to life the experiences of teachers across all levels--their struggles and triumphs with implementing word study. Presented are professional development models that promote continuity and lasting learning for all students."--Nurit W. Stites, MEd, learning facilitator and implementation specialist, Washoe County School District, Reno, Nevada

    "I can’t wait to share Word Study for Literacy Leaderswith my graduate students and advanced preservice teachers; I am already looking forward to the discussions it will generate. Further, I am excited to implement the techniques in this book in my consultation practice. I think inservice teachers will gravitate toward the practical approach. This book is full of ideas that are classroom ready and sure to improve teacher morale."--Sandra Martin-Chang, PhD, Department of Education, Concordia University, Montréal, Québec, Canada

    "An outstanding resource for understanding the scientific basis of word study and for implementing this approach in classrooms. The book also describes how to create the conditions that support effective implementation at a large scale. The chapters, written by top scholars in the area of literacy development, are packed with real-world examples and supplementary materials. This book would be an excellent addition to an advanced undergraduate- or graduate-level course for students going on to become the next generation of K-12 educators."--Andrew J. Mashburn, PhD, Department of Psychology, Portland State University-