1st Edition

Work and Rest: A Topic for Work and Organizational Psychology A Special Issue of the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology

Edited By Fred R H Zijlstra, Sabine Sonnentag Copyright 2006
    114 Pages
    by Psychology Press

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    Research on work and health has mostly focused on the stress caused by the work situation and by job characteristics. However, recovering from the daily strain is also important to maintain a healthy balance between work and private life. Recovery is assumed to take place in people’s private (after work) time. Therefore relevant issues with respect to recovery are: the length of the working day, job characteristics, activities people engage in after work, the extent to which people disengage from work, and how work and after-work activities influence this process. These topics are dealt with in this special issue.

    F.R.H. Zijlstra, S. Sonnentag, After Work is Done: Psychological Perspectives on Recovery from Work. T.W. Taris, D. Beckers, L.C Verhoeven, S.A.E. Geurts, M.A.J. Kompier, D. van der Linden, Recovery Opportunities, Work-Home Interference, and Well-being Among Managers. R. Rau, Learning Opportunities at Work as Predictor for Recovery and Health. M. Cropley, D-J Dijk, N. Stanley, Job Strain, Work Rumination and Sleep in School Teachers. S. Sonnentag, U. Kruel, Psychological Detachment from Work During Off-job Time: The Role of Job Stressors, Job Involvement, and Recovery-related Self-efficacy. J.W. Rook, F.R.H. Zijlstra, The Contribution of Various Types of Activities to Recovery.