1st Edition

World Forum on Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology Proceedings of SMSST'07, World Forum on Smart Materials and Smart Structures Technology (SMSST’07), China, 22-27 May, 2007

    This collection of almost 300 articles provides the critical knowledge and technological bases required for meeting one of the ultimate engineering challenges: the design and construction of smart structures and systems. It meets that trend that research in smart materials and structures seeks to apply multifunctional capabilities. Contributions deal with the use of new and existing materials to develop structures and systems that are capable of self-sensing, self-diagnosing, self-healing. Moreover such systems should be able to give adaptive responses to prevent loss and catastrophe, to minimize costs, and to prolong service life. Intended for researchers and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines. Set of book of abstracts (840 pp) and full paper, searchable CD-ROM (1994 pp).



    • Intelligent Structures and Systems: Dream, Reality, and Future, Shanglian Huang;
    • Structural Health Monitoring with Smart NDE Technology, Seung-Seok Lee;
    • Fiber Optic Nerve Systems for materials and structures that can feel pain, Kazuo Hotate;
    • Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite: an Emerging Smart Material, Kwang J. Kim et al.;
    • Long term health monitoring of post-tensioning box girder bridges, Ming Wang;
    • Smart structures technology in education, Yunfeng Zhang;
    • Bilateral Teleoperation in Physical Support for Humans, Kouhei Ohnishi;
    • Research of Smart Materials and Structures at NUAA, Jinhao Qiu;


    • Analysis and Assessment of Structural Systems
    • Application-driven infrastructure monitoring in Japan
    • Applications of Smart Materials
    • Bio-Inspired Structures and Materials
    • Civil infrastructure monitoring and assessment
    • Damage Detection and Control of Structures
    • Data-Analysis Methods
    • Data-Driven Approaches and Structural Informatics for Next Generation Smart Structures (Sensor Informatics)
    • Developments and Experiments in Biomimetic Robots
    • Educating Next-Generation Engineers on Smart Structures Technology
    • Electroactive Sensors and Actuators
    • Innovative Sensing Systems; Fiber Sensors
    • Innovative Sensors and Actuators; Shape Memory Alloys
    • In-situ Materials Monitoring
    • Life-cycle Performance Assessment Based on Structural Health Monitoring
    • Localization of damage in structural systems: Algorithms and Issues
    • Magnetorheological Fluids and Dampers
    • Model Updating in Hybrid Simulation
    • Model Updating for Civil Applications
    • Morphing Structures and Systems
    • Motion and Vibration Control; Control of Structures
    • Nano-scale materials for civil infrastructures
    • New Sensor Technology for Civil Engineering Structures
    • Novel Technologies and Methods of SHM for Decision Making
    • Paradigms and Technologies related to the Engineering and Management of Intelligent
    • Piezoelectric Composite Sensors
    • Recent Advances in Structural Damage and Fault Detection in the US
    • SHM of civil structures
    • Signal Processing for SHM
    • Smart Control Systems Based on MR Fluids
    • Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems
    • Smart Materials and Structural Systems
    • Smart Structural Systems and Materials
    • Smart Structural Systems Technologies (S3T)
    • Smart Systems and Mechatronics
    • Structural Damage and Fault Detection
    • Structural Health Monitoring
    • System Identification and Damage Detection
    • Technologies and Methods of SHM
    • Transformative Application of Smart Sensor Technology in Health Monitoring


    B.F. Spencer Jr., M. Tomizuka, C.B. Yun, W.M. Chen, R.W. Chen