4th Edition

World Music: A Global Journey

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ISBN 9781138911314
Published December 23, 2016 by Routledge
544 Pages

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Book Description

World Music: A Global Journey, Fourth Edition takes students around the world to experience the diversity of musical expression and cultural traditions. It is known for its breadth in surveying the world's major cultures in a systematic study of world music within a strong pedagogical framework.

As one would prepare for any journey, each chapter starts with background preparation, reviewing the historical, cultural, and musical overview of the region. Visits to multiple "sites" within a region provide in-depth studies of varied musical traditions. Music analysis begins with an experiential "first impression" of the music, followed by an "aural analysis" of the sound and prominent musical elements. Finally, students are invited to consider the cultural connections that give the music its meaning and life.

Fourth Edition features:

  • New sites!
    • Plena from Puerto Rico
    • Chuida from China
    • Gagaku from Japan has returned from the Second Edition
  • New "Inside Look" features spotlight distinguished ethnomusicologists such as Dr. Terence Liu, K.S. Resni, Dr. Sumarsam, Dr. Mick Moloney, Walter Mahovlich, Natalie MacMaster, and Gilbert Velez
  • Addition of DANCE, inseparable to musical expression in some cultures
  • Updates as needed, resulting from various changes in culture, politics, and war
  • New and revised test questions, new photos, and other revised resources

The dynamic companion website hosts interactive listening guides plus many student and instructor resources. A set of three CDs is available, either in the hardcover or paperback packages or as a stand-alone purchase.



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Table of Contents

1. Before the Trip Begins: Fundamental Issues 2. Aural Analysis: Listening to the World's Musics 3. Cultural Considerations: Beyond the Sounds Themselves 4. Oceania: Australia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Kiribati 5. South Asia: India, Pakistan 6. Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Northeast Thailand, Indonesia (Java and Bali) 7. East Asia: China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Tibet 8. The Middle East: Islam and the Arab World, Iran, Egypt, Sufism, Judaism 9. Europe: Greece, Spain, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, Hungary, Bulgaria 10. Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Central Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Senegal, The Republic of South Africa 11. The Caribbean: Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, Cuba, The Dominican Republic 12. South America and Mexico: The Amazon Rainforest, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico 13: Canada and the United States

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Terry E. Miller is Professor Emeritus of Ethnomusicology at Kent State University, where he co-founded the Center for the Study of World Musics.

Andrew Shahriari is Instructor of Ethnomusicology at Kent State University and teaches the world music survey course in online classes.


"I love this book! Just the right balance of social, cultural, and historical context to make the musics (and their people) come alive. Includes wonderfully helpful listening guides and lots of places to go for additional resources to help both teachers and students expand their musical horizons--a gem for the traveling musical spirit."

—Ellen Koskoff, Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music

"World Music: A Global Journey provides a detailed, comprehensive, and very accessible introduction to many musical traditions. The text offers systematic guidance for musical novices, detailed analysis for advanced students, and a humanist approach that showcases the people that make the music."

—Gavin Douglas, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

"World Music: A Global Journey by Miller and Shahriari is an excellent resource that provides a solid grounding for students just beginning their world music experience. The scope and sequence of the book, along with the guided listening examples, are thoughtfully laid out providing a wealth of information for the eyes, ears, and mind. I know my students have appreciated this book over the years."

—Richard Cangro, Associate Professor of Music Education, Western Illinois University

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