1st Edition

World Yearbook of Education 2021 Accountability and Datafication in the Governance of Education

Edited By Sotiria Grek, Christian Maroy, Antoni Verger Copyright 2021
    320 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    320 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Providing a comprehensive introduction to the topic of accountability and datafication in the governance of education, the World Yearbook of Education 2021 considers global policy dynamics and policy enactment processes. Chapters pay particular attention to the role of international organizations and the private sector in the promotion of performance-based accountability (PBA) in different educational settings and at multiple policy scales.

    Organized into three sections, chapters cover: the global/local construction of accountability and datafication; global discourse and national translations of performance-based accountability policies; and enactments and effects of accountability and datafication, including controversies and critical issues.

    With carefully chosen international contributions from around the globe, the World Yearbook of Education 2021 is ideal reading for anyone interested in the future of accountability and datafication in the governance of education.

    Introduction : Accountability and Datafication in Education : Historical, Transnational and Conceptual perspectives Sotiria Grek, Christian Maroy and Antoni Verger

    Part I The global/local construction of accountability and datafication

    Chapter 1 : The Construction of Worlds. On the Function and Fiction of quantified data in education policy

    Eric Mangez & Pieter Vanden Broeck

    Chapter 2 : The construction of SDG4: Reconciling democratic imperatives and technocratic expertise in the making of global education data?

    Clara Fontdevila & Sotiria Grek

    Chapter 3 : Re-engineering the infrastructure of performance-based accountability. For-profit philanthropy, learning sciences, and automated education at the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative

    Ben Williamson

    Chapter 4 : Between Fairness Optimization and ‘Inequalities of Dataveillance’ – the Emergence and Transformation of Social Indices in German School Monitoring and Management

    Sigrid Hartong & Andreas Breiter

    Chapter 5 : Capacity Building as the ‘Third Translation’: The Story of PISA-D in Cambodia

    Radhika Gorur & Camilla Addey

    Part II : Global discourse and national translations of performance-based accountability policies

    Chapter 6 : National Testing and Accountability in the Scandinavian Welfare States: Education Policy Translations in Norway, Denmark and Sweden

    Guri Skedsmo, Linda Rönnberg & Christian Ydesen

    Chapter 7 : Accountability and Datafication in Francophone Contexts: A Reinforcing Cognitive State Still Challenged by Local Actors

    Christian Maroy, Vincent Dupriez & Xavier Pons.

    Chapter 8 : National Standardized Assessments in South Africa: Policy and Power Play

    Thokozani Chilenga-Butao, Melanie Ehren & Nomacotsho Pakade

    Chapter 9 : Accountability Policies in Chinese Basic Education: the Long March towards Quality and Evidence.

    Xingguo Zhou & Romuald Normand

    Chapter 10 : Performance-based accountability in Brazil: Trends of Diversification and Integration

    Dalila Andrade Oliveira & Luís Miguel Carvalho


    Part III : Enactments and effects of accountability and datafication: controversies and critical issues

    Chapter 11 : A Sociological Analysis of the Effects of Standards-Based Accountability Policies on the Distribution of Educational Outcomes

    Aaron M. Pallas

    Chapter 12 : Siren song: performance-based accountability systems, effectiveness, and equity. Evidence from PISA in education systems in Europe and Canada.

    Annelise Voisin

    Chapter 13 : In and out of the ‘pressure cooker’: Schools’ varying responses to accountability and datafication

    Antoni Verger, Gerard Ferrer-Esteban & Lluís Parcerisa

    Chapter 14 : The Performative to the Datafied Teacher Subject: Teacher Evaluation in Tennessee

    Jessica Holloway & Priya Goel La Londe

    Chapter 15 : Enactments and resistances to globalizing testing regimes and performance-based accountability in the USA

    Bob Lingard


    Sotiria Grek is Professor in European and Global Education Governance at the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, UK.

    Christian Maroy is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at UCLouvain, Belgium and a researcher for GIRSEF, a research centre of which he is the co-founder and former director.

    Antoni Verger is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain and a research fellow at the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA).