1st Edition

Worlds Apart Civil Society and the Battle for Ethical Globalization

Edited By John Clark Copyright 2003

    Globalization is one of the most politically charged issues of our time. This book aims to bridge the divide between its advocates and its critics, but, rather than trying to find middle ground, the author looks at globalization through the lens of poor people and poor countries, arguing for a different management of global changes that ensures everyone a share in its opportunities. His is a call for ethical globalization. An influential and globalizing civil society has a great opportunity to be a critical player - but this could be a brief window. Its advocacy largely pillories deficiencies in the system instead of promoting viable alternatives. The author seeks to change this by applying his experience from both sides of the ideological divide - working with NGOs, governments and the World Bank - to analyse the system's faults and suggest a fresh framework for transforming global relations and redressing injustices.

    Figures, Tables, and Boxes * Preface * Acknowledgments * PART ONE THE IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION * Globalization-Agony or Ecstasy? Setting the Scene * How Globalization Affects Markets-Distortion and Extortion * How Globalization Affects Poor People * How Global Changes Affect Politics * PART TWO HOW GLOBAL CHANGE AFFECTS CIVIL SOCIETY * This Is the Age of a Civicus-The Rise of Civil Society * Civil Society in the Network Era * Retaining Relevance * The Protest Movement and the 'Dot-Causes' * Pressure Groups Under Pressure * PART THREE THE PATH TO ETHICAL GLOBALIZATION * Civilizing Globalization * Making Globalization Ethical-by Making Ethics Global * Appendix 1: The Theory of Comparative Advantage * Appendix 2: The World Trade Organization * Acronyms and Abbreviations * Notes * References * Index * Author's Biography


    John D Clark

    'Not searching for a middle ground, it unashamedly looks at the issues through a poverty lens and highlights the injustices of widening inequalities and stacked odds in world trade and finance.' Bois Et Forets Des Tropiques 'The author makes an appealing case for a global society coalition that could generate the political will for a coordinated management towards the kind of globalization that would bring benefits to all.' Natural Resources Forum 'John Clark, is an immensely knowledgeable observer with a wide range of experience and an intimate knowledge of the role of various types of civil society organisations in the development process.' Sustainable Communities Review