1st Edition

Youth Cultures A Cross-cultural Perspective

Edited By Vered Amit, Helena Wulff Copyright 1995

    First published in 1995, Youth Cultures critically studies an anthropologically neglected population: the youth. The book broadens the scope for analysing young people’s behaviour by moving away from notions of resistance and deviance and offers a range of ethnographically based studies of different kinds of youth in varied national contexts. From Nepal to Canada, Europe, the Solomon Islands and Algeria, it addresses issues relating to globalisation in Third World cities, ethnic diversity in European cities and consumption practices, and places the lives of these young people in the contexts of wider cultures. Youth Cultures contributes to the general concern in anthropology with ‘rewriting’ culture, even while it seeks to close particular gaps in studies on youth culture. By challenging the limitation of previous youth research and acknowledging children and young adults as agents to be respected rather than objectified, this book will be invaluable reading to students of anthropology, sociology, education, psychology, and cultural studies.

    List of contributors 1. Introducing youth culture in its own right: the state of the art and new possibilities Helena Wulff 2. Anthropology’s silent ‘others’: a consideration of some conceptual and methodological issues for the study of youth and children’s cultures Virginia Caputo 3. Talking of children and youth: language, socialization and culture Allison James 4. Inter-racial friendship: consuming youth styles, ethnicity and teenage femininity in South London Helena Wulff 5. The power of love: raï music and youth in Algeria Marc Schade-Poulsen 6. The making of a black youth culture: lower-class young men of Surinamese origin in Amsterdam Livio Sansone 7. The waltz of sociability: intimacy, dislocation and friendship in a Quebec high school Vered Amit-Talai 8. Media, markets and modernization: youth identities and the experience of modernity in Kathmandu, Nepal Mark Liechty 9. Masta Liu Christine Jourdan 10. Conclusion: The ‘multi’ cultural of youth Vered Amit-Talai Index


    Edited by Vered Amit and Helena Wulff