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2017 & 2018 Anthropology Titles for Review

We are delighted to present a list of recently published Anthropology titles. If you would like to request a review copy, please complete our online form.

January - February 2018

  • Mimesis and Alterity

    A Particular History of the Senses

    By Michael Taussig

    In this ambitious and accomplished work, Taussig explores the complex and interwoven concepts of mimesis, the practice of imitation, and alterity, the opposition of Self and Other. The book moves from the nineteenth-century invention of mimetically capacious machines, such as the camera, to the…

    Paperback – 2018-04-04 
    Routledge Classic Texts in Anthropology

  • Daughters of Allah

    Among Moslem Women in Kurdistan

    By Henry Harold Hansen

    In 1957, Henny Harald Hansen, the first Danish female anthropologist, was invited to take part in an archaeological expedition to the site of the projected Dokan Dam on the Little Zab river in Northern Iraq. Although her responsibilities were originally ethnological, she became the guest first of…

    Paperback – 2018-02-20
    Routledge Library Editions: Women in Islamic Societies

  • The Foodways of Hawai'i

    Past and Present

    Edited by Hi'ilei Julia Hobart

    Offering diverse perspectives on Hawaiʻi’s food system, this book addresses themes of place and identity across time. From early Western contact to the present day, the way in which people in Hawaiʻi grow, import, and consume their food has shifted in response to the pressures of colonialism,…

    Hardback – 2018-02-13

  • Nature and Ethics Across Geographical, Rhetorical and Human Borders

    Edited by Katharine Dow, Victoria Boydell

    How we dispose of our rubbish, choose the foods we buy, enjoy art, relate to our families and think about ourselves are just a few of the ways that ideas about nature shape our everyday ethical decisions. Nature and ‘natural facts’ have long been used to make sense of why we act a certain way.…

    Hardback – 2018-02-06

  • Anthropology and Beauty

    From Aesthetics to Creativity

    Edited by Stephanie Bunn

    Organised around the theme of beauty, this innovative collection offers insight into the development of anthropological thinking on art, aesthetics and creativity in recent years. The volume incorporates current work on perception and generative processes, and seeks to move beyond a purely…

    Hardback – 2018-01-25

  • Schools and Styles of Anthropological Theory

    Edited by Matei Candea

    This book presents an overview of important currents of thought in social and cultural anthropology, from the 19th century to the present. It introduces readers to the origins, context and continuing relevance of a fascinating and exciting kaleidoscope of ideas that have transformed the humanities…

    Paperback – 2018-01-24

  • Biological Anthropology and Prehistory

    Exploring Our Human Ancestry, 2nd Edition

    By Patricia C. Rice

    Written specifically for courses that cover biological anthropology and archaeology, this superbly illustrated new text offers the most balanced and up-to-date introduction to our human past. Devoting equal time to biological anthropology and prehistory, this text exposes students to the many…

    Hardback – 2018-01-03