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  • Okubo Diary (Routledge Revivals): Portrait of a Japanese Valley book cover

    Okubo Diary (Routledge Revivals)

    Portrait of a Japanese Valley, 1st Edition

    By Brian Moeran

    First published in 1985, this Routledge Revival is a lively and colourful account of life in the Japanese countryside, as seen through the eyes of an anthropologist who did fieldwork there for four years. Part journal, part ethnographic observation, part social and moral commentary, this very…

    Paperback – 2011-11-29

  • Unveiling Man's Origins (Routledge Revivals): Ten Decades of Thought About Human Evolution book cover

    Unveiling Man's Origins (Routledge Revivals)

    Ten Decades of Thought About Human Evolution, 1st Edition

    By L. S. B. Leakey, Vanne Morris Goodall

    Originally published in 1969, the aim of this book is to tell the story of the major discoveries which have been made and the attitude of the world at large to these discoveries during the ten decades since Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859. For anyone interested in man's past…

    Paperback – 2011-07-26

  • Indigeneity in the Courtroom: Law, Culture, and the Production of Difference in North American Courts book cover

    Indigeneity in the Courtroom

    Law, Culture, and the Production of Difference in North American Courts, 1st Edition

    By Jennifer A. Hamilton

    The central question of this book is when and how does indigeneity in its various iterations – cultural, social, political, economic, even genetic – matter in a legal sense? Indigeneity in the Courtroom focuses on the legal deployment of indigenous difference in US and Canadian courts in the late&…

    Paperback – 2011-05-16
    Indigenous Peoples and Politics

  • The Ecological Native: Indigenous Peoples' Movements and Eco-Governmentality in Columbia book cover

    The Ecological Native

    Indigenous Peoples' Movements and Eco-Governmentality in Columbia, 1st Edition

    By Astrid Ulloa

    This text analyzes indigenous peoples' processes of identity construction as ecological natives. It opens space for reconstructing all the different networks, conditions of emergence, and implications (political, cultural, social and economic) of one specific event: the consolidation of the…

    Paperback – 2010-12-09
    Indigenous Peoples and Politics

  • Modernity and Malaysia: Settling the Menraq Forest Nomads book cover

    Modernity and Malaysia

    Settling the Menraq Forest Nomads, 1st Edition

    By Alberto Gomes

    Bringing together over thirty years of detailed ethnographic research on the Menraq of Malaysia, this fascinating book analyzes and documents the experience of development and modernization in tribal communities. Descendents of hunter-gatherers who have inhabited Southeast Asia for about 40,000…

    Paperback – 2010-08-15
    The Modern Anthropology of Southeast Asia

  • Collective Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Identity-Based Movement of Plain Indigenous in Taiwan book cover

    Collective Rights of Indigenous Peoples

    Identity-Based Movement of Plain Indigenous in Taiwan, 1st Edition

    By Jolan Hsieh

    The focus of this book is on the PingPu peoples in Taiwan and their right to official recognition as "indigenous peoples" by the Taiwanese government. The result of centuries of colonization, indigenous tribes in Taiwan have faced severe cultural repression because of the government's refusal to…

    Paperback – 2010-07-06
    Indigenous Peoples and Politics

  • Speaking with Authority: The Emergence of the Vocabulary of First Nations' Self-Government book cover

    Speaking with Authority

    The Emergence of the Vocabulary of First Nations' Self-Government, 1st Edition

    By Michael W. Posluns

    This work explores the emergence of the vocabulary of First Nations' self-government into the realm of public and parliamentary discourse in Canada during the decade of the 1970s. The emergence of the vocabulary is chronicled through a study of the testimony of First Nations and aboriginal…

    Paperback – 2010-03-18
    Indigenous Peoples and Politics

  • Media and Ethnic Identity: Hopi Views on Media, Identity, and Communication book cover

    Media and Ethnic Identity

    Hopi Views on Media, Identity, and Communication, 1st Edition

    By Ritva Levo-Henriksson

    Media and Ethnic Identity carries a Native American perspective to media and its role in ethnic identity construction. This perspective is gained through a case study of the Hopis, who live in northeast Arizona and are known for their devotion to their indigenous culture. The research data is built…

    Paperback – 2009-03-13
    Indigenous Peoples and Politics

  • Defending the Land: Sovereignty and Forest Life in James Bay Cree Society book cover

    Defending the Land

    Sovereignty and Forest Life in James Bay Cree Society, 2nd Edition

    By Ronald Niezen

    Suitable for both introductory anthropology and upper-division courses in cultural anthropology The campaign of the Cree people to protect their forest culture from the impact of hydro-electric development in northern Quebec has been widely-documented. Few have heard in any detail about this…

    Paperback – 2008-08-07

  • Forest Dwellers, Forest Protectors: Indigenous Models for International Development book cover

    Forest Dwellers, Forest Protectors

    Indigenous Models for International Development, 2nd Edition

    By Richard Reed

    The Guarani of Paraguay have survived over four centuries of contact with the commercial system, while keeping in tact their traditions of leadership, religion and kinship.  This concise ethnography examines how the Guarani have adapted over time, in concert with Paraguay’s subtropical forest…

    Paperback – 2008-08-07

  • Colonialism and Genocide book cover

    Colonialism and Genocide

    1st Edition

    Edited by Dirk Moses, Dan Stone

    Previously published as a special issue of Patterns of Prejudice, this is the first book to link colonialism and genocide in a systematic way in the context of world history. It fills a significant gap in the current understanding on genocide and the Holocaust, which sees them overwhelmingly as…

    Paperback – 2007-12-24

  • Natural Enemies: People-Wildlife Conflicts in Anthropological Perspective book cover

    Natural Enemies

    People-Wildlife Conflicts in Anthropological Perspective, 1st Edition

    Edited by John Knight

    Wild animals raid crops, attack livestock, and sometimes threaten people. Conflicts with wildlife are widespread, assume a variety of forms, and elicit a range of human responses. Wildlife pests are frequently demonized and resisted by local communities while routinely 'controlled' by state…

    Paperback – 2000-12-14
    European Association of Social Anthropologists

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