Anthropology: Book Series

Planning, Heritage and Sustainability

Planning, Heritage and Sustainability

The speed of growth of Global South’s emerging countries has quickly imposed, in recent years, new priorities in the urban agenda of this part of the world. In particular, the controversial relationship between the loss of local/regional identity and the modernisation is increasingly becoming a matter of great concern especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In these contexts the modernisation implies an unprecedented wave of urbanisation that is seriously threatening, in some cases, the survival as such of the traces of the past, especially the urban or rural heritage, or broadly speaking, the tangible and intangible dimensions of local cultures. Notwithstanding that western countries are facing similar disruptive forces the Global South requires different analytical frameworks and approaches to sustainability.

The series, which is grounded in the urban planning theory and practice is open to cross-disciplinary contributions and will welcome books on the Global South that deal with:

  • Culture and sustainable urban development
  • City governance, social innovation and heritage conservation
  • Cultural policies and city management
  • Culture-led sustainable local development and community
  • Historic Urban Landscape, theory and applications.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please contact the series editors, Giulio Verdini ([email protected]) or Paolo Ceccarelli ([email protected]), or the commissioning editor, Grace Harrison ([email protected]).