Motion Design Education Summit 2017 Edited Conference Proceedings

Routledge/Focal Press are proud to host the proceedings of the 3rd MODE Summit, a collection of the best papers submitted on the topics of motion design, literacy, education and research.

Motion Design Education Summit 2017 Edited Conference ProceedingsCo-Editors: Andre Murnieks and Rebecca Tegtmeyer

Conference Committee: Brent Barson, Aaron Ganci, Bruno Ribeiro, Gretchen Rinnert, and R. Brian Stone

Jointly presented by The Ohio State University, University of Notre Dame, Kent State University, Michigan State University, California Polytechnic State University, Indiana University, and Brigham Young University, this international conference is held in Columbus, Ohio, 07–09 June, 2017. The event brings together motion design educators and practitioners from different areas of expertise and application. Presentations and discussions center around the question of how motion may enhance, effect, or change messages, meaning, and communication.

Papers are of particular interest to professionals and educators engaged in the following areas: graphic design, visual communication design, typography, cinema, theatre, animation and storytelling. The papers address the growing field of motion design and offer scholarly driven literature and examples to support and challenge educators. MODE is a peer reviewed conference with a discerning acceptance rate of 49%.

The MODE 2017 Conference Proceedings are available for digital download as both a PDF and/or a media-rich ePUB featuring selected animation and video supporting the paper presentations. The ePUB version is compatible with iBooks and Adobe Digital Editions, which is a free download from Adobe for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

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Motion Design Education Summit 2015 Edited Conference Proceedings

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