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  • Understanding Latin Literature

    2nd Edition

    By Susanna Morton Braund

    Understanding Latin Literature is a highly accessible, user-friendly work that provides a fresh and illuminating introduction to the most important aspects of Latin prose and poetry. This second edition is heavily revised to reflect recent developments in scholarship, especially in the area of the…

    Paperback – 2017-01-23
    Understanding the Ancient World

  • Ruling England 1042-1217

    2nd Edition

    By Richard Huscroft

    Ruling England, now in its second edition, is a key text for students wishing to understand the complexities of medieval kingship in England from 1042–1217. Beginning just before the Norman Conquest, and ending with the ratification of Magna Carta, this book is divided into three parts: Late…

    Paperback – 2016-01-14

  • The Age of Agade

    Inventing Empire in Ancient Mesopotamia, 1st Edition

    By Benjamin R. Foster

    The Age of Agade is the first book-length study of the Akkadian period of Mesopotamian history, which saw the rise and fall of the world’s first empire during more than a century of extraordinary political, social, and cultural innovation. It draws together more than 40 years of research by one of…

    Paperback – 2015-12-07

  • The Life of Lines

    1st Edition

    By Tim Ingold

    To live, every being must put out a line, and in life these lines tangle with one another. This book is a study of the life of lines. Following on from Tim Ingold's groundbreaking work Lines: A Brief History, it offers a wholly original series of meditations on life, ground, weather, walking,…

    Paperback – 2015-04-09

  • Concrete Demands

    The Search for Black Power in the 20th Century, 1st Edition

    By Rhonda Y. Williams

    Between the 1950s and 1970s, Black Power coalesced as activists advocated a more oppositional approach to fighting racial oppression, emphasizing racial pride, asserting black political, cultural, and economic autonomy, and challenging white power. In Concrete Demands, Rhonda Y. Williams provides a…

    Paperback – 2014-12-11

  • Practical Ethnography

    A Guide to Doing Ethnography in the Private Sector, 1st Edition

    By Sam Ladner

    Ethnography is an increasingly important research method in the private sector, yet ethnographic literature continues to focus on an academic audience. Sam Ladner fills the gap by advancing rigorous ethnographic practice that is tailored to corporate settings where colleagues are not steeped in…

    Paperback – 2014-03-15

  • The Historian's Toolbox

    A Student's Guide to the Theory and Craft of History, 3rd Edition

    By Robert C Williams

    Written in an engaging and entertaining style, this widely-used how-to guide introduces readers to the theory, craft, and methods of history and provides a series of tools to help them research and understand the past. Part I is a stimulating, philosophical introduction to the key elements of…

    Paperback – 2012-01-15

  • Being Alive

    Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description, 1st Edition

    By Tim Ingold

    Anthropology is a disciplined inquiry into the conditions and potentials of human life. Generations of theorists, however, have expunged life from their accounts, treating it as the mere output of patterns, codes, structures or systems variously defined as genetic or cultural, natural or social.…

    Paperback – 2011-04-19

  • The Perception of the Environment

    Essays on Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill, 1st Edition

    By Tim Ingold

    In this work Tim Ingold offers a persuasive approach to understanding how human beings perceive their surroundings. He argues that what we are used to calling cultural variation consists, in the first place, of variations in skill. Neither innate nor acquired, skills are grown, incorporated into…

    Paperback – 2011-03-31

  • Animals in Greek and Roman Thought

    A Sourcebook, 1st Edition

    By Stephen T. Newmyer

    Although reasoned discourse on human-animal relations is often considered a late twentieth-century phenomenon, ethical debate over animals and how humans should treat them can be traced back to the philosophers and literati of the classical world. From Stoic assertions that humans owe nothing to…

    Paperback – 2010-11-09
    Routledge Sourcebooks for the Ancient World

  • Agriculture in World History

    1st Edition

    By Mark B. Tauger

    Civilization from its origins has depended on the food, fibre, and other commodities produced by farmers. In this unique exploration of the world history of agriculture, Mark B. Tauger looks at farmers, farming, and their relationships to non-farmers from the classical societies of the…

    Paperback – 2010-11-04
    Themes in World History

  • Contemporary Theory of Conservation

    1st Edition

    By Salvador Munoz-Vinas

    Classical theories of conservation are well known in the heritage community, but in the last two decades thinking has shifted, and classical theory has faced increasing criticism. Contemporary Theory of Conservation brings together current ideas in conservation theory, presenting a structured,…

    Paperback – 2004-10-30

  • Learning in the Museum

    1st Edition

    By George E. Hein

    Learning in the Museum examines major issues and shows how research in visitor studies and the philosophy of education can be applied to facilitate a meaningful educational experience in museums. Hein combines a brief history of education in public museums, with a rigorous examination of how the…

    Paperback – 1998-03-12
    Museum Meanings

  • The Roman Army, 31 BC - AD 337

    A Sourcebook, 1st Edition

    By Brian Campbell

    The Roman army is remarkable for its detailed organisation and professional structure. It not only extended and protected Rome's territorial empire which was the basis of Western civilisation, but also maintained the politcal power of the emperors. The army was an integral part of the society and…

    Paperback – 1994-04-21
    Routledge Sourcebooks for the Ancient World

  • The Science For Conservators Series

    Volume 1: An Introduction to Materials, 2nd Edition

    By The Conservation Unit Museums and Galleries Commission

    For more than ten years, The Science for Conservators Series has provided the key basic texts for conservators throughout the world. Scientific concepts are basic to the conservation of artefacts of every type, yet many conservators have little or no scientific training. These introductory volumes…

    Paperback – 1992-05-14
    Heritage: Care-Preservation-Management

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