Finance Education Can Be Enriched By Jain Wisdom

Jainism and Ethical Finance – A Timeless Business Model is a new research study by Dr Atul K. Shah & Dr Aidan Rankin, which focuses on one of the world’s most successful business and finance cultures, the Jains. It was recently featured in India Global Business, click here to read the article or see below to find out more about this title...

In the light of current concerns about the way global finance and banking systems operate, this book offers a timely alternative perspective. From the ancient spiritual wisdom or Dharma of the Jains, there emerges a practical modern philosophy fully in tune with the re-emergence of India as a global economic power. Researchers and students interested in the ethics of finance, accounting and economics will find Jainism and Ethical Finance a scholarly and illuminating evaluation of Jain Dharma as a non-western case study.

This insightful examination into ethical finance from the Jain perspective offers a roadmap for the economic and ecological well-being that we all desire but which has, so far, been denied us by our current western economic ideologies, such as those that led to the catastrophic banking crisis of 2007-2008. The ancient spiritual wisdom of Jainism provides a practical modern philosophy for dealing with the pressing problems of our time.

Barbara Gardner, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, USA.

While the link between finance and a mask-wearing broom-wielding vegetarian sect might be easily scofed at, in this fascinating book the authors explain the relevance and power of an approach that always tries to take the long-term view and considers all the stakeholders, as well as the environment. That they do so using real-life business and finance examples makes it an even more compelling read.

Gerry Brown, author of The Independent Director and Chairman of Novaquest Capital Management

Atul K. Shah PhD ACA is an academic, senior lecturer at Suffolk Business School, chartered accountant and social entrepreneur. A Jain community leader in the UK, he is a founder of Jain Spirit magazine and Young Jains. Atul is author of Celebrating Diversity (2007) and contributes to numerous financial journals.

Aidan Rankin MA (Oxon) MSc (Econ.) PhD is a London-based independent scholar and property consultant. He has written three books on Jain thought: The Jain Path: Ancient Wisdom for the West (2006), Many-Sided Wisdom: A New Politics of the Spirit (2010) and Living Jainism: An Ethical Science (2013).

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