Q&A with Author Andrew T. H. Tan

In conversation with Author Andrew T. H. Tan on his upcoming book 'Terrorism and Insurgency in Asia, A contemporary examination of terrorist and separatist movements, 1st Edition'.

Prof Andrew and Prof Rohan

Andrew T. H. Tan is Associate Professor at the Department of Security Studies and Criminology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He was previously Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales and has also taught at Kings College London, UK. Andrew T. H. Tan has published 18 sole-authored, edited and co-edited books, and over 60 refereed journal and chapter articles.

The project was sparked by the continuing challenges arising from terrorism, particularly from adherents and sympathisers of the Islamic State. We realised that even with its defeat in Syria and Iraq, it would remain a serious threat in many parts of the world, including in Asia.

This book provides a holistic treatment of the terrorism phenomenon in Asia, which goes beyond the Islamic State and purely kinetic security responses to the problem. This book examines armed rebellion in Asia, which has been a challenge since the end of World War Two and assesses how the challenges have not only persisted but has also been transformed, e.g. through technological changes.

This book is a study of contemporary armed separatist and terrorist movements in Asia, written by experts who have been following its developments up to the present time.

Yes, it is the impact of social media on enabling contemporary terrorism. This is a cutting-edge topic of terrorism research today, unsurprising given the effectiveness of social media in the recruitment, enabling, education and organisation of modern terrorism.

Terrorism has and remains an enduring security challenge in Asia, predating Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, and will continue to be a serious threat for the foreseeable future. This means that we must continue to innovate and stay ahead of the learning curve in order to ensure that counter-terrorism efforts remain relevant and effective in containing the problem within acceptable boundaries.

  • Terrorism and Insurgency in Asia

    A contemporary examination of terrorist and separatist movements, 1st Edition

    Edited by Benjamin Schreer, Andrew T. H. Tan

    The rise of the Islamic State since 2014 has led to the re-emergence of terrorism as a serious security threat in Asia. Coupled with the ongoing terrorism and insurgency challenges from both radical religious extremists and also ethno-nationalist insurgencies, it is clear that some parts of Asia…

    Hardback – 2019-03-21
    Europa Regional Perspectives

About the book

Culture has an abiding influence on the way countries and business corporations are governed. This book introduces the reader to the deep philosophies that drive corporations and governments in East Asia, from China through Japan and South Korea to Singapore. With sparkling clarity and spiced with anecdotes and case studies, it depicts how respect for cultures can lead to spectacular success or the lack of it to failure. Confucian practices such as guanxi in Chinese society, the benevolent culture of entity firms in Japan, and patriarchal chaebols in South Korea are analysed with examples like Esquel, Nissan, and Samsung. A delightful chapter on Taoism shows how it drives Jack Ma’s Alibaba.com.