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Welcome to the Entertainment, Media and Arts Collection!

Welcome to the Entertainment, Media and Arts Collection!

Taylor & Francis incorporates the imprints of Focal Press, Routledge, and CRC PRess, publishing exceptional, engaging books that teach practical, hands-on knowledge. We are the leading publisher in the field of media technology, providing expert answers on photography and digital imaging, filmmaking and postproduction, audio and music technology, animation and gaming, media art and journalism, theatre, web and interactive design. We offer over 1,000 titles, in both eBook and print formats that give you leading-edge expert knowledge, techniques, and tools that allow you to create without limitation. Our authors have won Oscars, Emmys, ANNIEs (the highest award in animation), and Grammys, and have been inducted into the Adobe Photoshop Hall of Fame. True experts, they authoritatively and clearly convey their passion with just the right amount of inspiration, simultaneously helping readers come to grips with complex technical matters.

Featured Books

  • Documentary Storytelling

    Creative Nonfiction on Screen, 4th Edition

    By Sheila Curran Bernard

    Documentary Storytelling has reached filmmakers and filmgoers worldwide with its unique focus on the key ingredient for success in the growing global documentary marketplace: storytelling. This practical guide reveals how today’s top filmmakers bring the tools of narrative cinema to the world of…

    Paperback – 2015-12-23
    Focal Press

  • A Practical Guide to Indie Game Marketing

    By Joel Dreskin

    Learn how to market for your indie game, even with a small budget and limited resources. For those who want to earn a regular income from making indie games, marketing can be nearly as vital to the success of the game as the game itself.  A Practical Guide to Indie Game Marketing provides you with…

    Paperback – 2015-12-23
    Focal Press

  • Behind the Lens

    Dispatches from the Cinematographic Trenches

    By Jay Holben

    Filmmaker Jay Holben has been battling in the production trenches for most of his life. For the past 17 years, he’s chronicled his adventures in the pages of American Cinematographer, Digital Video, Videography, and TV Technology. Now, in Behind the Lens: Dispatches from the Cinematic Trenches, he’…

    Paperback – 2015-09-11
    Focal Press

  • Responsive Web Design Toolkit

    Hammering Websites Into Shape

    By Ken Tabor

    Responsive Web Design Toolkit: Hammering Websites into Shape focuses on the nuts and bolts of responsive web design, showing you how to better build and how to debug websites that use the responsive technique. This book guides you through the technology that programmers use to build, test, and…

    Paperback – 2015-09-03
    Chapman and Hall/CRC

  • The Astrophotography Manual

    A Practical and Scientific Approach to Deep Space Imaging

    By Chris Woodhouse

    The Astrophotography Manual is for those photographers who aspire to move beyond using standard SLR cameras and editing software, and who are ready to create beautiful images of nebulas, galaxies, clusters, and the solar system. Beginning with a brief astronomy primer, this book takes readers…

    Paperback – 2015-07-15
    Focal Press

  • Night Photography and Light Painting

    Finding Your Way in the Dark, 2nd Edition

    By Lance Keimig

    Lance Keimig, one of the premier experts on night photography, has put together a comprehensive reference that will show you ways to capture images you never thought possible. This new edition of Night Photography presents the practical techniques of shooting at night alongside theory and history,…

    Paperback – 2015-07-02
    Focal Press

  • Recording Voiceover

    The Spoken Word in Media

    By Tom Blakemore

    The only book on the market to specifically address its audience, Recording Voiceover is the comprehensive guide for engineers looking to understand the aspects of capturing the spoken word. Discussing all phases of the recording session, Recording Voiceover addresses everything from microphone…

    Paperback – 2015-03-17
    Focal Press

  • Elizabethan Costume Design and Construction

    By Helen Q Huang, Emily Hoem, Kelsey Hunt

    Learn how to create historically accurate costumes for Elizabethan period productions with Elizabethan Costume Design and Construction! Extensive coverage of a variety of costumes for both men and women of all social classes will allow you to be prepared for any costuming need, and step-by-step…

    Hardback – 2014-12-16
    Focal Press
    The Focal Press Costume Topics Series