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Highlights from our Twitter Q&A with Amanda Clack and Judith Gabler

Our live Q&A took place on Friday 8th March on International Women's Day, where diversity in the work place was the topic of conversation. 

Question 1

You’ve directed a lot of your messages in the book at the CEO, but what can others working in the industry take from the book? 

The book is written for everyone in an organisation to help #BeTheChange as together we can help change the dial on #Diversity and #Inclusion for #RealEstate and #Construction. But real change also starts at the top with the CEO! #IWD2019

Question 2

What developments have you seen in the last 10 years with respect to D&I?

There has been a lot of change on #Diversity and #Inclusion but not enough and not fast enough. The #WarforTalent is very real in #RealEstate and #Construction. With just 15% of #RICS professionals as #female and other elements of D&I at around 1% or less we need to do more to #BeTheChange#IWD2019

Question 3

Did you draw on your own experiences when you were writing the book?

The book is based on our experiences throughout. In Chapter 3 on Gender I give my own message to the CEO for #RealEstate and #Construction. Its accompanied by a favourite Farley Katz @NewYorker illustration #BeTheChange#IWD2019

Question 4

Do you have a role model in the sector that you personally find inspirational?

The best way to change the dial on D&I is through people telling their stories and experiences. Without question my favourite chapter of the book is Chapter 7 Perspectives. If you read nothing else these stories speak for themselves on key messages for the CEO in #RealEstate and #Construction Thanks to all contributors #BeTheChange#IWD2019

Question 5

How do you feel a more diverse workforce might change the future direction of the industry?

Better #diversity in a workforce brings better diversity in perspectives and thinking – this will help bring more talent in to the industry and statistics prove that a diverse workforce, especially in the boardroom, impacts the bottom line too! #BeTheChangeTalks#IWD2019#CRE

Question 6

You are generously donating your royalties to charity, what made you decide to support @LandAid in this way?

Firstly @LandAid is THE Property Charity and was supported by #RICS150. Secondly they are all about working to end youth homelessness in the UK. They do such amazing work to prevent homelessness and support young people. It also allows us to push the book to #BeTheChange that’s needed without it being about us. #ActionsNotWords#IWD2019

Question 7

What else have you got coming up in the future with regards to the D&I agenda?

We formally launch the book at #MIPIM next week so lots happening out there. Plus there is an @EstatesGazette podcast out today with @DamianWild. and a #SurveyingSisterhood blog tomorrow. We want it to keep going #ActionsNotWords#BeTheChange#IWD2019