Across the Live / Mediatised Divide: Audience Research Conference

  • Across the Live / Mediatised Divide: Audience Research Conference

    Audience research is a growing area in many diverse areas of study, from film, television and theatre to music, communications media and gaming. As a developing and inherently interdisciplinary area of academic study, the methodological components of audience research are constantly evolving, inviting innovative approaches to methodologies. This form of research is notoriously demanding, presenting ethical, epistemological and practical issues that need to be considered before any research can begin to take place.

    Given both the fast-moving and demanding nature of audience research, it is therefore more than usually suited to input and support from cross-disciplinary researchers, who can share their own experiences and practices. However, whilst collaboration within subject areas is more common, there is little opportunity for researchers working with audiences from different cultural practices to come together and share their practice and experiences.

    This two-day cross-disciplinary audience research conference will bring together academics and researchers from across the disciplines of film and television, media and communications, theatre and performance studies to present their research approaches and share their processes and their experiences.

    Sep 17, 2019 to Sep 19, 2019
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    Who is Going
    Shabnam Moinipour, Researcher (Speaking)
    Area Studies, Communications Studies, Media and Cultural Studies, Media, Journalism and Communications