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Cold War Voices: Stories, Speech and Sound, 1945-1991 (Bristol)

  • Cold War Voices: Stories, Speech and Sound, 1945-1991 (Bristol)

    Voices were an integral element of the Cold War. From political speeches to surveillance technology, the spoken word took on a political, cultural and social significance in the post-1945 world. But voices could also be used to express anger or dissatisfaction with Cold War politics, to express fear or uncertainty for the future, or used to disseminate alternate
    viewpoints on current affairs.

    Historians too have turned to voices to understand the history of the Cold War period, interviewing policymakers, diplomats and officials, but also “ people who lived through tension and conflict.

    This conference aims to explore the relationship between the Cold War, voices and oral history in more detail, examining not only the gathering of voices during the Cold War, for cultural, political or intelligence purposes, but also historians’ use of voices, oral histories, oral culture and sound in writing histories of this period.

    Jan 22, 2020
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    Who is Going
    Mark Fenemore, Senior Lecturer in Modern European History,MMU (Attending)