Reza  Hasmath Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Reza Hasmath

Professor in Political Science
University of Alberta

Professor Hasmath’s award-winning research looks at: (1) the integration and life course experiences of ethnic minorities in global contexts; (2) state-society relationships in China; (3) emerging state/non-state actors in international development and international affairs; and, (4) the behaviour of policy actors and the expectations of the citizenry in advanced authoritarian institutional environments.


Reza Hasmath is a Full Professor in Political Science at the University of Alberta. He has previously held faculty positions in management, sociology and political science at the Universities of Toronto, Melbourne and Oxford, and has worked for think-tanks, consultancies, development agencies, and NGOs in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and China. He was formally trained in philosophy, public policy, international studies and diplomacy, and social and political sciences, as well as in various East Asian and European languages. His research is supported by several multi-year grant schemes, notably from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    • Civic participation and volunteerism
    • Immigration and migration            
    • International development theory and practice
    • Managing ethnic diversity
    • NGO governance and management
    • Norms in international affairs
    • Organizational behaviour
    • Political and social theory
    • Political sociology
    • Politics and sociology of contemporary China
    • Public policy formation and innovation
    • Social and welfare policy
    • The state's role in the economy
    • Work and the labour market



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