Karl  Maton Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Karl Maton

Professor of Sociology
University of Sydney

Karl Maton is the creator of Legitimation Code Theory (LCT), now widely used in sociology, education, and linguistics and Director of the LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building at the University of Sydney. Karl’s books include "Knowledge and Knowers" (2014), which sets out key ideas of the theory; and Knowledge-building", a primer of research studies using the approach. He edits the Routledge book series "Legitimation Code Theory: Knowledge-building in research and practice"


Karl Maton is Professor of Sociology at the University of Sydney and Director of the LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building. He is Visiting Professor at University of the Witwatersrand and at Rhodes University (both South Africa).

Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) is being widely used by scholars and postgraduate researchers around the world to address a diverse range of issues in sociology, education, and linguistics.  

Karl's book, Knowledge and Knowers:, which sets out key concepts from LCT, was published in 2014, and the sequel, Knowledge-building, was published in 2016.



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