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Martin Preene

Preene Groundwater Consulting

I am an independent consultant specialising in dewatering, groundwater control and groundwater engineering. I have worked for contractors and consultants on engineering and mining projects worldwide.


I am a Dewatering Specialist and Groundwater Engineer with more than 25 years’ international experience in the management, control and exploitation of groundwater.  I have worked for contractors and consultants on engineering and mining projects worldwide, including Canada, United States, the Middle East, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, South America, Central Asia and East Asia.  

I have expertise in the design and construction of groundwater control by pumping (such as well points, deep wells, etc) and of cut-off walls to exclude groundwater. I am the lead author of the UK industry guidance CIRIA Report C515 Groundwater Control Design and Practice.  

I am a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Geologist, Chartered Water and Environmental Manager and Chartered Environmentalist.  I have wide professional interests in hydrogeology and am the author of one textbook, more than 50 papers, and several industry guidance documents on dewatering and groundwater control.

I work as an independent consultant in the design of dewatering and groundwater control systems through my professional practice: Preene Groundwater Consulting

My experience includes the design of:
• Construction dewatering
• Mine dewatering
• Groundwater cut-off walls
• Pumping tests and groundwater investigations.

I also have experience in:
• Water supply wells
• Open loop geothermal systems
• Remediation of contaminated groundwater.


    Dewatering, Groundwater control, Groundwater engineering, Geothermal systems

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Geotechnical engineering



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