Sidney S.  Jacobson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Sidney S. Jacobson


I am a retired (1986) PE with 35 yrs as a weapons engineer and developer. I taught and co-authered a graduate course on Ballistics: The Theory and Design of Guns and Ammunition.


I was a researcher,designer and developer of ammunition and weapons at the U.S. Army's Picatinny Arsenal for 35 years. I rose from junior engineer through eight professional levels in research laboratories to become associate director for R&D at the arsenal. My specialty for most of my career was the development of large caliber tank munitions and cannon. Many of these weapons, such as the long-rod, high kinetic energy armor penetrators and shaped charge munitions have become standard equipment in the U.S. Army. For these efforts and successes I earned several awards including the Army's Meritorious Civilian Service Medal. In !972 I was awarded an Educational Fellowship to study continuum mechanics at Princeton University


    MS, Applied mechanics, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1958
    BA, Mathematics, Brooklyn College, 1951;
    MS, Continuum mechanics, Princeton University, 1974

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Ballistics, including Interior, Exterior and Terminal effects; High pressure cannon, high velocity armor penetration munitions, shaped charge munitions.

Personal Interests

    Travel worldwide for business and pleasure; teaching; reading


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