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Elesa Zehndorfer

Independent Researcher & Writer

Author of 'Leadership: A Critical Introduction' (Routledge, 2013) and the forthcoming 'Charismatic Leadership: The Role of Charisma in the Global Financial Crisis' (Routledge, 2015). Research Officer for the high-IQ Society British Mensa, Research Associate/Head of Leadership Development at the Bhubesi Pride Foundation and formerly Vice President and Secretary of the International Federation of American Football. Doctoral graduate of Loughborough University and a great lover of sport.


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Critical Perspectives on international Public Sector Management

Michael Gove, Charismatic Leadership & Radical Reorganisation of School Sport

Published: Jul 13, 2015 by Critical Perspectives on international Public Sector Management
Authors: Zehndorfer, E., Mackintosh, C.
Subjects: Education, Sports and Leisure

This paper analyses the radical reorganisation of English school sport by the coalition government, a move that led to a significant discourse of dissatisfaction amongst English school sport advocacy coalition groups.