Brian  Chee Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Brian Chee

Senior Contributing Editor
University of Hawaii SOEST

Currently with the University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) developing and supporting extreme networks at the bottom of the ocean and other hostile environments. Brian has served as the FSO and ISSM for the University of Hawaii and has served as Senior Computer Scientist for the GSA Office of Information Security doing classified network design and analysis throughout the US Government. Brian got his start in the industry assembling S-100 boards for Imsai 80


I am a communicator for a technical world, regardless of whether it is in a classroom, a boardroom or in front of a video camera; my successes have been to convey extremely complex messages in a manner that can be understood by a wide audience. My greatest success has been the Advanced Network Computing Laboratory® (ANCL) resulting in the graduation of 100 of the next generation of networking engineer. With successes like Fedora and the PODS environmental micro sensor network, ANCL has been making its mark on the world. With something in the arena of 300+ articles published in Communications Week, Internet Week and InfoWorld; and with quite a few of those articles being syndicated around the world, ANCL’s impact is international.


    One of first 10 Novell Netware Instructors outside of Novell Inc.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Mesh Networks - DARPA SensIT Project
    Cloud Computing, Cloud Security - InfoWorld Magazine
    Higher Performance Networking - InfoWorld Magazine

Personal Interests

    Photography, Maker tinkering


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