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Gareth Morgan

Leading Software Design Engineer
Imagination Technologies

Gareth Morgan has been involved in games and 3D graphics since 1999, starting at Silicon Graphics followed by several games companies including Activision and BAM Studios. Since 2008 he has been working at Imagination Technologies researching sophisticated rendering techniques using Imagination's ray tracing technology.


After studying Computer Science at University of Manchester, Gareth Morgan joined Silicon Graphics in the UK, working for their professional services team.  The 3D projects he worked on at SGI count as some of the coolest he has been involved in to this day and include the Mummy: The Inside Story project at the British Museum.  A full description of this incredible project is on his 3D NURDS blog.

After leaving SGI in 2002 Gareth worked as an engine programmer from the games company BAM Studios, before moving to Reno, Nevada in the US where he worked at 5000ft Inc. on the Marvel title Daredevil.  He then moved to the SF Bay Area to work at the Activision studio Z-Axis. At Activision he worked on titles including XMen - The Official Game  and Quake Wars: Enemy Territory.

In 2008 he joined the graphics hardware startup Caustic Graphics, helping develop software for their groundbreaking ray tracing acceleration hardware.  Caustic Graphics was acquired by Imagination Technologies, in 2010. Gareth continues to work at Imagination Technologies, researching sophisticated rendering techniques using the ray tracing hardware which has been integrated into Imagination's PowerVR GPUs.


    MEng Computer Science, 1999, University of Manchester


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