Tone  Kvernbekk Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Tone Kvernbekk

University of Oslo

My main interests are philosophy of science, argumentation theory and narrative theory, preferably brought together and applied to various topics in educational theorizing. Examples of such topics are the concept of an educational theory, the theory-practice problem, narrative representations of educational phenomena, and evidence-based practice in education.

Subjects: Education, Philosophy


I am trained as an elementary school teacher, but have never actually taught in schools. The university suited me better, and I actually love to teach. I have always  kept an eye on practice, and much of what I write about is somehow connected to educational practice, but not in the sense of suggesting guidelines for practice (which I am against). I read widely and enjoy trying to combine unorthodox perspectives in order to shed new light on educational thought.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Mainly I do philosophy of science, which is also mainly what I teach. My dissertation is on the concept of an educational theory. Recently I have done a lot of work on causation, and I also dabble in argumentation theory. Philosophy of science and argumentation theory go very well together and enrich each other. My interest in narrative theory is perhaps a bit on the sidelines, but gives access to a very different kind of research and literature and thus helps broaden my perspective.

Personal Interests

    I work hard, I put in many hours per week. But I am also quite good at relaxing when necessary. I enjoy reading crime very much - there is actually a lot to be learned from that. concerning how we think, form hypothesis, test and justify them. I also love to travel, see new places  and meet new people - hence I enjoy going to conferences.  


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