Laurence Marie Victoria Totelin Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Laurence Marie Victoria Totelin

Senior Lecturer in Ancient History
Cardiff University

I am a historian of Greek and Roman science, with a particular focus on pharmacology, botany and gynaecology. I have a background in classics, ancient history, and history of science and medicine. I have been a lecturer in ancient history at Cardiff University since 2009. Prior to that, I was a Wellcome postdoctoral fellow in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge. I am an experienced blogger and one of the editors of the Recipes Project (


I come from Belgium, where I studied for my first degree, in Ancient History, at the Free University of Brussels. I also qualified as a teacher in History and Classical Languages at the Free University. After teaching in a secondary school for a year, I won a Wiener-Anspach grant to study for a MPhil History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University. Thence, I moved to University College London for a PhD in the History of Medicine, with generous funding from the Wellcome Trust. This was followed by a Wellcome-funded postdoc at Cambridge, where I was also a bye-fellow at Newnham College. In 2009, I moved to Wales for a lectureship in Ancient History.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I am a historian of Greek and Roman science, technology and medicine, with very varied interests. However, my main areas of interest are ancient botany, pharmacology, and gynaecology. I do not focus on a particular period, but I start to feel out of my comfort zone in the fourth-fifth centuries of the Common Era. I also have an interest in the reception of ancient science in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. My approach is inspired by anthropology and gender studies.

Personal Interests

    I am a very keen blogger. I have my personal blog, Concocting History (www.ancientrecipes.wordpress,com), where I blend research, personal life, and experimenting with ancient recipes. I am also a contributor and one of the editors of The Recipes Project ( I have been a guest blogger on several other blogs.


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