Aleksandar  Fatic Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Aleksandar Fatic

University of Belgrade

Aleksandar is a philosopher with interests in applied ethics (specifically professional ethics, ethics of the security sector and ethics of transitional justice and war crimes trials), as well as in applied philosophy generally (with a focus on philosophical practice - philosophical counseling and philosophical consultancy). His web page with details of his work and contacts is http//


I have spent much of my professional life working on the applications of ethics to the field of international relations and international politics more generally. This has been pioneering work in many ways as this particular type of applied ethics is underdeveloped even today. I then focused my research and teaching on other fields of applied philosophy such as professional ethics and especially ethics for the intelligence profession. This has led me to conduct extensive training of the various security agencies in ethics and has enabled me to gain insights into the way security professional think and understand morals from their particular professional point of view. The progression of work in applied philosophy finally included my involvement in the international movement of philosophical practitioners, and I became a fellow of the American Association of Philosophical Practitioners, a philosophical counselor, consultant, and eventually President of the Serbian Association for Philosophical Practice. My teaching is focused on philosophical practice and applied ethics, and much of my academic and practical work revolves around the re-introduction of the ancient idea of the good life in the modern debates within professional and social ethics.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Applied Ethics
    Philosophical practice
    Social ethics and ethics of criminal justice

Personal Interests

    Eastern cultures
    Philosophy of oriental martial arts
    Pets (I have a dog that most people claim looks quite like me although it is a Maltese poodle).



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