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Russell Dean Archibald

Chairman Emeritus
Archibald Associates llc

Now 91, with careers spanning more than 70 years, Russ has had broad international experiences in piloting and designing aircraft and corporate engineering, operations, program and project management. His three project management related careers have been Military/Aerospace (19 years), Corporate Engineer & Executive (17 years), and Management Consultant (34 years to date). Russ has consulted to a wide variety of large and small organizations in 16 countries.


Russ is founding member number 6 of the Project Management Institute/PMI, which today has 470,000 members in 205 countries and territories. He presented the first paper, "Planning, Scheduling and Controlling the Efforts of Knowledge Workers," at the formation meeting of PMI in 1969, and was President of the PMI Southern California Chapter in 1991-2, founding member of the PMI Mexico City Chapter in 1996, and in 2006 was awarded the PMI Jim O’Brien Lifetime Achievement Award. A PMI Fellow and Certified Project Management Professional He was also a founding member in 1970 and is an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Project Management (APM/IPMA-UK). Russ is an Honorary Member of the PMI Moscow Chapter and of ISIPM (Istituto Italiano di Project Management.)

Russ is co-author with his grandson Shane Archibald of "Leading and Managing Innovation-What Every Executive Team Must Know about Project, Program & Portfolio Management" (2nd edition CRC Press 2015, 1st edition 2013 also published in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish); author of Managing High Technology Programs and Projects (3rd edition Wiley 2003, also published in Italian, Russian, and Chinese), and co-author of Network Based Management Information Systems (PERT/CPM) (Wiley 1967). He has contributed chapters to 15 books edited by others, and presented 88 papers at many PMI, IPMA and other conferences in many countries.

Selected Career Highlights:

 US Air Force Officer – Senior Pilot (Captain), R&D Project Officer (1943-46, 1951-58). At age 20 Russ piloted transport aircraft from Panama to every major city in Central and South America and the Caribbean area to support USA embassies and missions during WW II. At age 29 he was en route to Korea as Aircraft Commander of a B-26 bomber when the Korean truce was signed.
 Owner’s Inspector for the construction project of an 80K bbl/day vacuum distillation unit, Esso Amuay Bay Refinery, Venezuela (1948-51).
 Project Engineer for temperature/pressure control systems on all USAF bombers and non-ICBM missiles (1956-57). Member of the USAF Source Selection Team for the XB-70 Mach 3 bomber (1957).
 Project and Advanced Design Engineer, POLARIS Project Controls Manager – Aerojet General and Hughes Aircraft (1958-1968). Assisted in developing the first main-frame computer PERT project planning system, 1959.
 Adjunct Professor/Lecturer on Project Management at U. of Calif. Los Angles/UCLA, MIT, Cranfield Inst. Of Technology/CIT (UK) (1962-90).
 Associate – Booz, Allen & Hamilton (1970-71) – developed and presented the first USA nationwide series of seminars/workshops on project management.
 Assistant Director, Office of the President – ITT Corporation (1971-74), including Project Director for a nationwide telecommunications project in Mexico; also upgraded project management systems in 7 subsidiary companies in Europe and South America.
 Vice President, Bendix International – Bendix Corporation. Directed a project to relocate an automobile disc brake manufacturing plant from Germany to France. Established a licensed hydraulic and air brake manufacturing plant in India. (1974-1982).
 Expert witness for USA state and federal rate-setting agencies for several nuclear power plant and the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline design/construction projects (1982-1986).
 Conducted ten 10 day World Bank project management workshops for middle managers of Pakistan's Water & Power Development Authority at the Indus River Tarbella Dam, Pakistan Northwest Frontier Province (1980-90.)
 Presented a paper titled Linking the Comprehensive Six Phase Project Life Cycle and Project Team Cognitive Readiness with the TCM Framework, co-authored with Ivano and Daniele Di Filippo and Shane Archibald, at the ICEC IX World Congress in Milan, Italy, October 20-22, 2014.
 Collaborated with Dr. Darci Prado and a large volunteer team on an extensive  project management maturity study in Brazil with hundreds of industrial, financial, and governmental organizations participating (2005-2015).
 Senior Program Management Advisor for the Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) Program for NNSA, USA Dept. of Energy (2007 – 2013).

Russ has resided in the USA, France, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama Canal Zone, and Peru with Marion, his wife of 69 years. For the past 22 years they have lived in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Their family includes 4 children, 4 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren - so far.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Consultant and Educator in Project, Program and Portfolio Management.
    Co-author with Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Debourse the 2011 PMI two volume research report "Project Managers as Senior Executives."

Personal Interests

    Classical and other music.
    Amateur violinist.
    Keeping in good physical shape.
    Giving back through Community Service Projects.



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