Gemma Carey is an NHMRC Research Fellow with the Regulatory Institutions Network. She holds a PhD in social policy and population health from the University of Melbourne and a Masters in Anthropology from the University of Adelaide.

Gemma undertakes primary research in governance and policy implementation. Drawing on this work, she also contributes to emerging debates in public health regarding the social determinants of health. Much of her research investigates the processes of ‘joining up’ within government and between government and non-government organisations. Her current research is concerned with the implementation of the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme and market-based approaches to public service delivery.

Gemma has published widely on different aspects of public administration and public health. Forthcoming books include: ‘Grassroots to Government: Joining-up in Australia’ (Melbourne University Press), ‘Designing and Implementing Public Policy: Cross-sectoral Debates’ (Routledge), and ‘Managing and leading in interagency settings. Better Partnerships Working Book Series’ (Policy Press, with Helen Dickinson ).

In addition to her academic research, she runs a highly regarded policy forum – the Power to Persuade (PTP). PTP is an annual symposium and blog which helps to build relationships between policymakers, academics and the community sector. Running since 2011, PTP is sponsored by government, universities and a range of NGOs and peak bodies (

Gemma is an Associate Editor for the Australian Journal of Family Studies, and sits on the editorial board of Australian Journal of Public Administration.