Jennifer  Rippner Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jennifer Rippner

Executive Director, Policy & Partnerships
University System of Georgia

I am currently working at the University System of Georgia coordinating the state's P-20 council, the Alliance of Education Agency Heads. I have a law and academic background and experience developing and implementing state education policies. My research has focused on collaboration between educator sectors (PreK, K12, Higher Ed) at the state level as well as policy development and implementation.

Subjects: Education


Jennifer Rippner is currently the Executive Director for Policy and Partnerships at the University System of Georgia and the Coordinator of the Georgia Alliance of Education Agency Heads, the state’s P-20 council. She most recently served as a postdoctoral research and teaching associate at the Institute of Higher Education at the University of Georgia after completing her doctorate there in 2013.
She started her career as a charter school director in Florida and later became director of the Florida Charter School Accountability Center, a statewide resource center housed at Florida State University. Rippner moved to Georgia, where she managed the state’s charter school and alternative education programs at the Georgia Department of Education. She then served as education policy advisor to former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue as well as executive director of the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, a statewide P-20 accountability agency where she oversaw the establishment of several education research projects. She also served as a senior policy and legal advisor at EducationCounsel, LLC, a national education law and policy firm, where she authored several policy briefs regarding access and diversity issues in higher education
Rippner is a past member of the Southern Regional Education Board and is currently the chairman of Georgia’s State Charter Schools Commission. She was one of three Americans chosen for a Global Policy Fellowship with the national Institute of Higher Education Policy in 2008.
Jennifer’s academic research focuses on the role of state education policy and P-20 councils in helping states meet their educational attainment goals. She has presented multiple papers at academic conferences and has had her research on P-20 councils accepted for publication in peer-reviewed academic journals.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Education policy, interorganizational relations, education law, charter school authorization, history of education policy, education politics



Journal of Education Finance

The Big Bang in Public and Private Faculty Salaries

Published: Nov 01, 2015 by Journal of Education Finance
Authors: Rippner, J. & Toutkoushian, R.
Subjects: Education, Economics, Finance, Business & Industry

The gap between faculty average salaries at public and private institutions has been growing wider over the past 40 years, yet little is known about the nature and causes of the gap. This study uses data on more than 1,000 institutions to examine institutional average faculty salaries and how they have changed for public and private institutions.

Education Policy Analysis Archives

The Role of Statewide Education Governance Structures

Published: Aug 01, 2015 by Education Policy Analysis Archives
Authors: Rippner, J.
Subjects: Education

Various mechanisms have been used to foster collaboration between K-12 and higher education including state P-20 councils, however these have not always produced the results participants desire and research is limited. This study utilizes state education governance and inter-organizational relations literatures to hypothesize that structural barriers to collaboration prevent P-20 councils from reaching their potential.

Educational Policy

State P-20 Councils and Collaboration Between K-12 and Higher Education

Published: Nov 24, 2014 by Educational Policy
Authors: Rippner, J.
Subjects: Education

Understanding the mechanics of collaboration through P-20 council operations may help to improve their functioning and possibly become a more fruitful tool for states. In this study, three state P-20 councils are examined to understand what, if any, catalysts in the organizational structure of the councils promote collaboration.

Teachers College Press

Book Review: "Searching for Utopia" by Hanna Holborn Gray

Published: Nov 01, 2013 by Teachers College Press
Authors: Rippner, J.
Subjects: Education, History

A review of "Searching for Utopia" by Hanna Holborn Gray