Eric A. Heinze Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Eric A. Heinze

Associate Professor of International Studies
University of Oklahoma

I am an Associate Professor of International Studies at the University of Oklahoma, USA. Trained as a political scientist, I consider myself an interdisciplinary scholar working at the intersection of the fields of political science/IR, ethics, and law. My research interests are on the subjects of the ethics and law of armed conflict, humanitarian intervention and R2P, genocide and mass atrocity, and non-state armed groups and the laws of war.

Subjects: Philosophy


I grew up in a rural agricultural community in central Kansas and I always had a passion for and curiosity about the world outside of my small town.  This passion, along with a boyish fascination with war and conflict, led me to study politics and international relations when I began my university studies in 1995.  Ultimately, it was the 1999 Kosovo operation that marked the beginning of my academic inquiry into questions surrounding ethics, human rights, and armed conflict and focusing specifically on humanitarian intervention, which would become the topics of my dissertation some years later.  Once I earned my Ph.D. and obtained a tenure-track position, I continued pursuing these interests both in my own scholarship and in my teaching and mentorship of students.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    International relations, ethics and global politics, international law and institutions, genocide and mass atrocity, humanitarian intervention and the 'Responsibility to Protect,' non-state armed groups, international norms, United States foreign relations.

Personal Interests

    Gardening, landscaping, carpentry and home improvement, camping, fishing, sci-fi books, film, and spending time with my son.


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