Martin  Parker Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Martin Parker

Professor of Culture and Organization
University of Leicester

I work at Leicester University School of Management, and write about alternative organization in two senses. First, about alternatives to dominant forms of management - so about co-ops, mutuals, complementary currencies and other things which are generally not taught in business schools. Second, about alternative ways of thinking about organizing, such as circuses, secret societies, outlaws and other odd topics.


I am Professor of Organisation and Culture, and worked at the University of Leicester School of Management from 2003-10 before returning in 2012. I have previously held posts at Staffordshire, Keele and Warwick universities, and my background is in anthropology, sociology and cultural studies. From 2008 - 2012, I was joint Editor in Chief of the journal Organization: The Critical Journal of Organization, Theory and Society.

My research and writing is an attempt to widen the scope of what can be properly covered by the business school, whether in terms of particular sorts of organisations (the circus, the worker co-op, Apollo space programme or whatever), or ways of representing organising (in art, cartoons, films etc). My recent writing has been about ‘alternative’ organisation in two senses. One is work on co-operatives, worker self-management, alternative finance and so on. The other is on different ways of thinking about what ‘organisation’ means, so I have written about angels, shipping containers, art galleries, as well as a book on outlaws. I am also very interested in how academics write, and how they might cultivate new audiences for their ideas, and I blog for the School of Management at Leicester and write for The Conversation regularly. My plans for the next few years include work on James Bond, zoos, and comic book villains. A full listing of my publications can be found on my personal website at

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Organization theory, politics, ethics and culture.


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