Marie S. E.  Clausén Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Marie S. E. Clausén

Art Historian
Independent Researcher

Marie Clausén holds BAs in political science, sociology, and art history, and MAs in international relations (University of Reading) and art history (Uppsala University). Among her diverse interests, medieval church architecture, the phenomenology of space, the dilemmas of cultural heritage, and the practice of ekphrastic writing remain prominent. Clausén is also a published poet and has spent fifteen years in the academic book publishing industry. She currently resides in Ottawa.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Architecture history; architecture philosophy; political theory and political philosophy as it relates to the built environment; phenomenology of space; sacred space; cultural heritage issues; ekphrastic writing

Personal Interests

    Church crawling, photography, poetry, travel


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Sacred Architecture in a Secular Age CLAUSEN - 1st Edition book cover