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Robert D Lewis

VP Mission Support Development
Marketplace Missions, Inc.

I have always enjoyed creating through the written word. I was thrilled when Dr. H. James Harrington invited me to write a draft for Book 2 in his Little Big Book Series, which is in the category of business and management. Our book was targeted to high performance teams while being applicable to all other communication in a profit or not-for-profit setting. Please see my work with CRC Press! Just follow or copy and paste this link:


I spent a career in the Baptist denomination as a pastor and denominational executive and formally retired in 2006.

Since the mid-1990's I moonlighted as a consultant. I started with non-profit management issues in local churches and camps. In one of the congregations I met Dr. Ken Lomax, who worked as a colleague of Dr. H. James Harrington. I was recruited as part of their team in doing consulting with not-for-profit organizations as well as mid-sized to small cap companies.


    • Team training
    • Management consulting
    • Personal conversation techniques
    • Public speaking
    • Seminar and workshop designer and conductor
    • Leading worship in a Christian church
    • Writing
    • Financial planning

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    As part of my doctoral studies I did a project designed to reactivate lapsed and inactive church members. I trained four teams to visit a cross-section of about 30 church families who had been out of church for several years. The training included how to listen to the families. It required 5 visits with objectives for each visit that built on one another in a progressive way. The results were that an astounding 70 per cent of the families began attending services again.

    During my career, I continued studying communication. In particular, I sat under 200 hours of workshop training with Dr. John Savage, who at that time was founder and director of L.E.A.D. Consultants.

Personal Interests

    Reading, working in the yard with Debbie, travel, old movies, and exploring Baja California, Mexico



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