Gloria D. Campbell-Whatley Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Gloria D. Campbell-Whatley

Associate Professor of Special Education
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Scholarly pursuits include 4 books, 53 book chapters and articles, 19 manuals and research reports. I have produced and delivered over 100 keynote addresses, strands, workshops, television presentations in the US and abroad (Brazil, Sydney, Australia, Vancouver, Canada, Alicante, Spain, and China). Recently, I was chosen as a Diversity Fellow for the UNC System (17 Universities). I was the first African-American female to earn tenure at Indiana-University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne.

Subjects: Education


Abbreviated Vita


Ed.D. 1989 University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Special Education/Learning Disabilities
MA                   University of Alabama-Birmingham, Alabama, Special Education/Learning Disabilities
BA                   Cum Laude Dillard University New Orleans, Louisiana, Elementary Education
Mental Retardation


University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), Charlotte, NC, 2003-present, Associate Professor
• Teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in high incidence disabilities
• Advising and supervising doctoral dissertations and other graduate level research
• Arranging and teaching online and remote courses
• Affiliated faculty-Urban Collaborative- Middle School, Secondary and K-12 Education
• Developed a doctoral course in Collaboration and Diversity
• Served as Graduate Advisor
• Served as Diversity Trainer, designed research tools and directed related research for the campus

Indiana University- Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN, 1996- 2003, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor-Chair and Creator of the Special Education Program
• Initiated, developed and taught in class and online courses, created curriculum and syllabi, assigned courses to faculty and directed the Special Education Program for the School of Education
• Advised and supervised students
• Created a Summer Learning Clinic for university students that included K-12 students in the community

University of Wisconsin, River Falls, Wisconsin-1995-1996- Lecturer
• Taught courses in Learning Disabilities and assisted in the redesign of the Learning Disabilities Program
• Supervised Special and Elementary Education students in school settings

Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, 1991- 1995, Director, Clinical Services
• Provided assessment, diagnosis, and remediation of academic, behavioral and vocational problems to exceptional individuals and students with learning problems in the community through a variety of outreach services
• Designed, developed, coordinated, and implemented all systems in Clinical Services
• Collaborated with other disciplines and departments creating an interdisciplinary learning lab for graduate and undergraduate students
• Managed income and budget generated by clinic fees, maintained the clinic evaluation system and supervised staff
• Developed and maintained a computer data-based client information system
• Maintained tests, materials, and supplies necessary for clinic operation in the Clinic Library
• Taught Special Education courses
Birmingham City Board of Education, Birmingham, Alabama, Program Specialist for Learning Disabilities
• Recruited and supervised teachers working in the Learning Disabilities (LD) program in 64 elementary, middle, and high schools in the Birmingham City School System
• Planned, conducted and implemented programs for teachers, coordinated staff development and in service activities, and disseminated information to administrators and teachers regarding research findings, instructional strategies, and policies affecting the LD program
• Assisted in preparation of reports as required by State and Federal governmental agencies and the local school district
• Collaborated with classroom teachers and principals
• Served as a liaison between the school district and attorneys or advocacy groups interested in the legal rights of students with LD
• Attended disciplinary hearings and determined correctional consequences for students with LD
• Attended/conducted eligibility committee meetings to review cases referred for service
• Coordinated the placement of eligible students in LD programs

Sparks Center for Developmental and Learning Disorders, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Teacher on Special Assignment
• Designed and implemented a transition program, Successful Occupational Studies (S.O.S.), for learning disabled adolescents in conjunction with the State of Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation Service and the Birmingham City Board of Education
• Provided remediation services to the trainable and educable mentally retarded and students with LD

Avondale Elementary, Birmingham City Board of Education, Birmingham, Alabama, Learning Disabilities Teacher
• Instructed students with Learning Disabilities
• Received $2,000 in classroom grants

Graymont Elementary School, Birmingham City Board of Education, Birmingham, Alabama, 4th Grade Teacher
• Instructed elementary-level students
• Received a Teacher of the Year Award
• Received $2,000 in classroom grants


Scholarly leadership pursuits include four books, 53 published book chapters and articles, 15 modules and training manuals, and four applied research reports.  I have also produced and delivered 58 keynote addresses, strands, workshops, and television presentations as well as 67 international, national, regional, state and local presentations across the United States and abroad.  I have directed dissertations, thesis or projects for 19 students in my department, Educational Leadership and Urban Education at UNC Charlotte and for Capella University.  Current citations are below:

Campbell-Whatley, G. D., Hancock, D., & Dunaway, M. (2016).  A school leader’s guide to implementing the common core: Inclusive practices for all students.  Routledge/Taylor and Francis Group: New York, NY. Peer Reviewed

Campbell-Whatley, G. D., & Lyons, J. (2013). Leadership practices for special and general educators. (Textbook) Pearson Education: Columbus, Ohio. Peer Reviewed

Book Chapter
Toms, O. M., & Campbell-Whatley, G. (2015).  Culturally responsive classrooms for African American students.  In The Sage Encyclopedia of Classroom Management. Sage Publications. Thousand Oaks: CA. Invited

Booker, K. C., & Campbell-Whatley, G. D. (2015). A study of multicultural course change: An analysis of syllabi and classroom dynamics. Journal of Research in Education, 25, 20-34. Data Based, Peer Reviewed

Campbell-Whatley, G.D., Wang, C., Toms. O., & Williams, N.  (2015). Factors affecting campus climate: Creating a welcoming environment.  New Waves Educational Research and Development, 18(20), 40-52. Data Based, Peer Reviewed

Patrick, C., Lo, Y., Campbell-Whatley, G.D., & Toms, O. (2015). An antecedent-based intervention package for the improvement of on-task behaviors of students with disabilities. Illinois School Journal.
Data Based, Peer Reviewed

Hutchison, C.B., Campbell-Whatley, G., & Wiggan, G. (2014). Disability by induction: Academic under-performance when out of context. Insights on Learning Disabilities: From Prevailing Theories to Validated Practices, 11(1), 1-8.  Invited

Edited Work
Hutchison, C., Campbell-Whatley, G.D., & Wiggan, G. (2014). Guest Co-Editor. From Prevailing Theories to Validated Practices, Special Issue. Theme: Diversity as Friend and Foe of Teaching and Learning Processes within Multicultural Societies. Insights on Learning Disabilities, 1(1).

Applied Research Report
Campbell-Whatley, G.D., Merriweather, L., Lee, J.A., & Toms, O. (2012).   Diversity Training evaluation study: Executive summary.  Submitted to Joan Lorden, the Provost, in conjunction with the Diversity Trainings. Charlotte, NC.  Data Based

Module /Training Manual
Campbell-Whatley, G. (2013).  Exploring intercultural awareness.   Trainings on Cultural Diversity: Under the auspices of the Urban Education Collaborative A Training Guide. UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.

Student Directed Research
Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member (2015). Performing arts education and the academic identity development of African American male high school students. University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina.  Data Based

Doctoral Dissertation Committee Member (2014). The effects of tier I CISCO intervention and tier III function-based self-management of disruptive behaviors and academic engagement of selected AS male students. University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina.  Data Based

Doctoral Dissertation Chair (2012). The effects of check-in check-out on the social outcomes and academic planning of African-American males in a secondary setting.  University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina.  Data Based

Keynote/International Session/Workshop/Strand
Campbell-Whatley, G.D., & Meier, I. (2015, April). Common Core: Connecting the Dots to Educational Planning. Four Hour Leadership Strand. Council for Exceptional Children Conference National Convention. Philadelphia, PA. Peer Reviewed

Campbell-Whatley, G.D. (August, 2014). Culturally responsive instruction and the common core curriculum standards.  Summer Institute Series. Five day workshop. The University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, Wisconsin. Invited

Campbell-Whatley, G.D. (October, 2013). Building ethos and interpersonal relationships with families and students. Keynote A I Mose Counseling Conference, South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, South Carolina. Invited

Rodriguez, D., Kea, C., Trent, S., & Campbell-Whatley, G. D. (2012). Investigating educational aspirations of Latino/Mexican adolescents in eastern North Carolina and Mexico. AERA National Convention, Vancouver, Canada. Refereed, Data Based


1) Presently, I teach graduate and a doctoral courses using face-to-face and online instruction.  2) Titles include Teaching in the Content Area, Consultation and Collaboration, Classroom Management and a doctoral course-Collaboration and Diversity, which I developed. 3) There have been periodic reviews of my teaching by faculty and administrators on and off campus. a) The Dean of the University of Arkansas in the College of Education wrote, “I recently had the pleasure of watching an on-line class taught by Dr. Gloria Campbell-Whatley.  The class was extremely well organized and managed.  Using our classes and my on-line teaching as a basis for judgment, I would classify Dr. Campbell-Whatley’s class as outstanding”. b) A recent winner of the campus wide teaching award wrote, “She was very responsive to the students by recording their ideas on slides, challenging their thinking with follow-up questions and by providing positive and immediate feedback to their responses”.  c) The Dean at the University of Alabama wrote, “Course assignments further support the objectives of the course and measure the extent to which participating students mastered this content.  For example, assignments such as the visitation assignment extend the learning that occurs in classroom discussions by providing opportunities for students to see some of the course concepts come to life in the authentic contexts”.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Professional Contributions

    1) Recently, I served as graduate advisor in my department at UNCC.  2) I was elected by the national and international membership to the Board of Directors for the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), the largest special education organization. 3) I served as the Diversity Chair for the Teacher Education Division Board of CEC and as Secretary and Membership Chair for the Division of Cultural and Linguistic of CEC, and held major board positions for other divisions. 4) I led the Diversity Strand and Pre-Conference Workshops on Diversity for numerous years and am well known for my contributions to CEC.  5) I served as guest editor/co-editor of special education journals, and organized, planned and produced several state and department level special education conferences. 6) At UNC Charlotte, for a number of years, I developed and produced the special education conference for the Special Education Department (Building Bridges) where I partnered with the North Carolina Department of Instruction.  7) Currently, at UNC Charlotte, I am the Chair of the Departmental Review Committee, member of the University Faculty Committee, representative for University Faculty, and serve as the Acting Chair of the Diversity Committee and member of the International Committee for the College. 8) I recently served as a Guest Co-Editor for the journal Insights on Learning Disabilities.

    Summary of Grant Activity

    I have obtained approximately $160,000 in grants cumulatively throughout my career. I am currently on the board of The Urban League where I chair their Family and Foundations Funds and write grants to secure approximately $80,000 yearly.  

    International Visibility and Service

    I was invited as part of a team to present research and to assist with educational planning at the Federal University of Piaui in Brazil.  We strategized with the Ministry of Education met with newspaper reporters and appeared on a local television network to discuss initiatives. I was also an invited scholar and part of a team to The Université Nationale du Bénin, Republique du Bénin, Africa to perform a week long Seminar on Educational Research and Development. I have presented at conferences in Sydney, Australia, Vancouver, Canada, Alicante, Spain, and Beijing, and the People’s Republic of China.

    Leadership Development

    1) At Indiana-Purdue University, I was asked to participate in a leadership team to perform an audit for the Middle Schools. We discovered that diverse students were overrepresented for suspension and disciplinary acts that many majority population students had performed, but did not receive the same punishment for the same infractions. We wrote recommendations for the schools.  2) During my tenure at UNC Charlotte, I developed the first Leadership Strand at National/ International CEC. 3) There were no joint special education leadership and educational leadership books.  I have published two books of this type, one is a textbook, written for the blended population of special education and educational leadership administrators. 4) At UNC Charlotte for nine years I worked with the Provost to facilitate trainings, arrange diversity experiences, create modules, and other training materials, and performed research related to the campus-wide faculty Diversity Institutes.  The Institutes involved the infusion of multicultural education into curriculum and syllabi for all colleges across campus: Arts and Sciences, Education, Business, Engineering, Health and Human Services, and Information Technology.  Several campus diversity studies resulted from this assignment such as a) climate studies of faculty and students, b) observations of faculty teaching to determine the level of diversity infusion, and c) a major evaluation to determine diversity training effectiveness on faculty and students.

    Honors Received

    The first African-American female to earn tenure at Indiana-University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne.  Received the General Admission Fellowship to perform diversity research for the UNC System (17 Universities).

Personal Interests

    I like to travel and to watch movies.  I belong to a book club and I teach Sunday School every Sunday.


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