Raymond  Hinnebusch Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Raymond Hinnebusch

Professor of International Relations and Middle East Politics
University of St. Andrews

Besides teaching the IR and politics of the Middle East at St Andrews, I founded and direct the Centre for Syrian Studies. My research interests are the IR of the Middle East; Foreign Policies of Middle East States; Turkey-Syria and Iran-Syria relations; the historical sociology of state formation in MENA; the Arab uprising and its consequences for state formation; politics in Egypt and the politics and IR of Syria.


Taught at American University in Cairo (1976-80); College of St Catherine. Minnesota (1980-96); University of Minnesota (1990-93); Durham University (1973-74); University of St. Andrews, Scotland (1996-present)

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Middle East Politic and IR, Egypt, Syria



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