Karla  Perez Portilla Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Karla Perez Portilla

For the past fifteen years, Karla has researched the meaning of equality in Law and holistically analysed the ways in which discrimination, as a multidimensional problem, is produced and reproduced. She has an LLB from the National Autonomous University of Mexico; an MSc in Equality and Discrimination from the University of Strathclyde; and a PhD from University College London, Faculty of Laws.


Karla has published widely about social rights, indigenous peoples, equality and discrimination. Her research is theoretically informed, supported by multidimensional theories of justice; political theory; philosophy; feminist and critical theory. It engages with abstract concepts and debates, but it is also creative and of practical use. It brings the insights of various disciplines to the everyday life of those who can benefit from them.

She has engaged in polemical debates about freedom of expression and discrimination. Indeed, arguing that demeaning and stereotypical representation in the media (television, radio, press, advertising and the internet) is a form of discrimination that the law can address is a daring statement. However, such a statement is rigorously justified from various angles in her latest book. Her research calls for the acknowledgement of the harm in ‘everyday discrimination’ and to imagine new and more effective ways to contest bad speech with more speech.

At the core of her research is the ‘politicisation of culture’. This is, to actively challenge everyday images and messages by putting forward alternative views and definitions, not only amongst like-minded people but, crucially, in mainstream media, through the use and improvement of existing complaint mechanisms and right of reply.

Karla has worked for the Institute for Legal Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico; taught at the University of Strathclyde, Faculty of Education and at University College London, Faculty of Laws. She also has practical experience working with community groups in projects setting out to promote good relations and provide services that help people, across all protected characteristics (age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation) to achieve their rights and challenge discrimination.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Anti-discrimination Law, Comparative Law,  Media Law, Self-regulation, Equality, Discrimination, Cultural Aspects of Discrimination, Human Dignity, Freedom of Expression.

    Multidimensional Theories of Justice, Consciousness Raising Processes, Politicisation of Culture, Cultural Imperialism.

    She is currently expanding her research into  the crucial, but problematic role, of the civil society (representing disadvantaged groups) in the 'regulation' of 'discriminatory media content'.

Personal Interests

    Karla was born in Mexico, she is an enthusiastic but amateurish piano accordion player. She loves handcrafting of all sorts and is particularly inspired by her home country’s wide range of crafts. Water is her element, she dreams of living by a warm blue sea.



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 Featured Title - Redressing Everyday Discrimination - 1st Edition book cover