James  Wickham Author of Evaluating Organization Development

James Wickham

Professor and Fellow Emeritus
Trinity College Dublin

‘Europe’ – a place, a project or just a museum? The book Unequal Europe tries to understand what if anything defines Europe today. It is a guide to European social structure and to the key achievements of European national welfare states. In many ways the European Union is now undermining these states, so it is hardly surprising that ordinary Europeans are increasingly disenchanted with ‘their’ Union.

Subjects: Sociology


James Wickham was Jean Monnet Professor of European Labour Market Studies and Professor in Sociology at Trinity College Dublin where he founded the Employment Research Centre.  After a career teaching, researching and latterly managing in Trinity College Dublin,  James Wickham now works for the Dublin independent think tank TASC, researching employment and the labour market in Ireland and Europe.

His doctoral research was on the history of the workers’ movement in Weimar Germany.  He learnt the craft of the empirical social historian, doing oral history interviews with veteran communists and social democrats, unearthing secret police reports in local archives and doing statistical analysis of local city directories.  He published an article in Social History which brought all that together with Gramscian concepts of hegemony and proletarian culture.  Well, that’s we did in those days…  

Since moving to Ireland in the 1970s he has been working on different aspects of employment and more recently mobility in Ireland and Europe.  This first involved studying work in electronics factories, and then topics such as the role of business travel in the software industry. He co-ordinated several EU-funded research projects and participated in many more.   Along the way he wrote a book on urban transport, Gridlock: Dublin’s Transport Crisis and the Future of the City  and co-authored a study of young Polish workers in the Dublin labour market:  New Mobilities in Europe: Polish Migration to Ireland post-2004.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    European social structure; European labour markets; migration; mobility; urban transport

Personal Interests

    Classical music especially opera; architectural history


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