Dr. Brad Johnson is an international speaker in the fields of education and fitness.  He is author of Learning on Your Feet: Incorporating Physical Activity into the K-8 Classroom, as well as From School Administrator to School Leader: 15 Keys to Maximizing Your Leadership Potential.  Dr. Johnson has over 20 years’ experience at the K-12 and collegiate level.  He currently teaches leadership courses for Concordia University.    Dr. Johnson is a former athlete and competitive bodybuilder. He recently spent time in Malaysia developing a fitness diploma with their Ministry of Education.
Dr. Johnson currently works with schools to increase physical activity in the academic classrooms. Increasing physical activity has shown to decrease ADD, ADHD, obesity, and improve focus, behavior, and achievement.  Physical activity provides effective classroom management.
Ed.D (Curriculum & Instruction) Georgia Southern University
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
*Incorporating physical activity into academic classroom.  
*Servant Leadership
* Talents + Passions = Purpose
Personal Interests
*competitive natural body builder
* helping others improve their lives