PUNDARIK  Mukhopadhaya Author of Evaluating Organization Development

PUNDARIK Mukhopadhaya

Associate Professor
Macquarie University

I am an Associate Professor at the Macquarie University, Australia. My consultancy clientele include UNESCO, the World Bank, ADB and WHO. In my publication list I have 3 books, 15 chapters in books, more than 35 academic papers in international refereed journals.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Applied Welfare Economics: Poverty analysis, Trade-offs between equity and efficiency (China, SE Asia), measurement of social welfare (SE Asia), Pareto Optimality, Decomposition of Social Welfare function;
    Applied Policy Analysis (China, SE and South Asia): Policies related to development,
    labour market, population/ageing, gender, welfare and social protection.  Human Capital development, linkages between education and welfare.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - China's War against the Many Faces of Poverty: Yang - 1st Edition book cover