Anna  Bellisari Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Anna Bellisari

Professor of Anthropology Emerita
retired (Wright State University)

I am a retired Professor of Anthropology from Wright State University in Ohio, USA. I taught biological anthropology courses in Human Evolution, Human Variation, Primate Behavior, Biomedical Anthropology, Anthropology of Women's Health for 30 years and conducted research on body composition and health with the WSU School of Medicine Lifespan Health Research Center.


Being the grandmother of three college students has spurred me to investigate the bases of the obesity epidemic in the US, the developed country with the highest prevalence of obesity and obesity-related diseases among children and adults. My former students were also deeply interested in this topic, but the scientific literature is vast and diverse. Therefore I attempt to "translate" and synthesize what is currently known about obesity in the US in this book, focusing not on the behavior of individuals with obesity or blaming them for their condition, but rather examining human biology and socio-cultural influences specific to the US that contribute greatly to this serious health problem.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Primate growth and development
    Body composition and health
    Palestinian public health and the water crisis

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