Javier H4 Villalba Diez (PhD) Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Javier H4 Villalba Diez (PhD)


Javier (H4) Villalba-Diez (PhD) is currently director and founder of an international consulting company that has the mission of empowering organizations achieve their strategic goals while increasing trust. He has a background of more than 15 years as lean consultant and as production manager in a number of positions related to manufacturing operations. He also teaches in several graduate programs in Germany, US and Japan. His nickname (H4) comes from reading his name "Ja-Vier" in German.


This is Dr. H4.
Dr. Javier Villalba Diez is the founder and director of an international consulting business.
As a researcher, lecturer, author, artist and engineer he has an illustrated approach to life.
His favorite activity is continuous learning and constant teaching: teach to as many people as possible all the things he learns.
He is not the best at doing everything, but is the best at empowering others to become their best.
H4 is an iconoclast.
H4 is the leader of a group of HK experts that will do anything it takes to help you achieve your organizational goals while increasing trust.
This is done by implementing the interpretation of HOSHIN KANRI described in this book: THE HOSHIN KANRI FOREST.


    Dr. Ing. (PhD), Univ. Politécnica, Madrid, Spain, 2016
    Dipl. Ing. (M.Sc.), Tech. Univ. München, Germany, 2003
    Industrial Engineer (M.Sc.), Univ. Politécnica, Madrid, 2003

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Currently the areas of Reserach in H4´s interest are HOSHIN KANRI and Business Intelligence.
    His professional expertise are HOSHIN KANRI, Leadership, Lean Managament and everytihng related to the KAIZEN process.

Personal Interests

    H4 has ELO of 2057 in standard chess, a masters degree in piano and plays tenor saxophone as amateur.



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 Featured Title - The Lean Brain Theory - 1st Edition book cover


Mathematical Problems in Engineering

Strategic Lean Organizational Design: Towards Lean World-Small World Configurati

Published: Jan 01, 2016 by Mathematical Problems in Engineering
Authors: Villalba-Diez, Javier Ordieres-Mere, Joaquin

After introducing the concept of organizational functional and structural motifs as small organizational building block, our findings suggest the hypothesis that a strategic organizational design (SOD) approach to meet these challenges involves maximizing the number and diversity of functional motifs, while minimizing the repertoire of structural motifs.

Conference: CIRPe 2015 - Understanding the life cycle implications of manufacturing, At Cranfield, United Kingdom

NEMAWASHI: Attaining Value Stream Alignment within Complex Organizational Netwo

Published: Sep 30, 2015 by Conference: CIRPe 2015 - Understanding the life cycle implications of manufacturing, At Cranfield, United Kingdom
Authors: Javier Villalba-Diez, Joaquin Ordieres-Meré, Heiko Chudzick, Paloma López-Rojo
Subjects: Engineering - Industrial & Manufacturing

This paper provides a winnerless process (WLP) differential equations model for quantifying intra-organizational value stream (VS) alignment dynamics that can help design sustainable lean management solutions. This paper presents ongoing research results that show how the model was implemented in one industrial facility.

Conference: Procedia CIRP, At Bochum, Germany, Volume: 32

The HOSHIN KANRI TREE. Cross-plant lean shopfloor management

Published: Jul 31, 2015 by Conference: Procedia CIRP, At Bochum, Germany, Volume: 32
Authors: Javier Villalba-Diez, Joaquin Ordieres-Meré, Gottfried Nuber
Subjects: Business & Management

This paper presents a novel Lean SM Method (LSM) called “HOSHIN KANRI Tree” (HKT), which is based on standardization of the communication patterns among process owners (POs) by PDCA. The standardization of communication patterns by HKT technology should bring enormous benefits in value stream (VS) performance, speed of standardization and learning rates to the Industry 4.0 generation of organizations. These potential advantages of HKT are being tested at present in worldwide research.

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 62(3)

Improving Manufacturing Performance by Standardization of Interprocess Communica

Published: Jun 07, 2015 by IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 62(3)
Authors: Javier Villalba-Diez, Joaquin Ordieres-Meré
Subjects: Business & Management

The purpose of this paper is to offer a standardization model of interprocess communication that increases manufacturing operational performance (MOP). First, we propose a novel holistic model that makes standardized interprocess communication possible in manufacturing organizations. Second, we propose a model for quantifying the implications of standardizing interprocess communication upon MOP.


Chapter Preview The Hoshin Kanri Forest: Lean Strategic Organizational Design

Published: Sep 12, 2016

Chapter's Preview of the book "The Hoshin Kanri Forest: Lean Strategic Organizational Design."