Graham  Hall Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Graham Hall

Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics/TESOL
Northumbria University

Graham Hall has been involved in English Language Teaching/TESOL for over 25 years, as a teacher, teacher educator and researcher. He has taught English in Hungary, Poland, Saudi Arabia and the UK, working in a variety of contexts - in state sector schools, language schools and universities. Graham now works at Northumbria University (UK) as a lecturer and teacher educator, working with teachers from around the world. He was also editor of ELT Journal, 2013-2017.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Graham Hall is an applied linguist with a particular interest in language teaching, specifically English language teaching (ELT). He is interested in debates surrounding language teaching methodology and classroom practice; in exploring ways in which teachers might understand and reflect on their own classrooms, in light of their own experiences and published research and the professional/methodological literature of ELT; and in the critical debates surrounding the role of English and of English language teaching in the world.

    Within these areas, Graham focuses on the uncertainties of language teaching and complexity in the L2 classroom. For example, (how) do teachers help or hinder learners, how might we create learning opportunities in the L2 classroom, and what might learners learn as a result? Thus, he is particularly interested in classroom-centred research and classroom discourse, and in finding sustainable ways for teachers (and learners) to develop understandings of what takes place in their own classrooms.

    Additionally, Graham's interest in Critical Pedagogy and its implications for English language teaching focus on questions such as:  how appropriate are the issues critical approaches raise in individuals’ professional contexts, and how might the debates and discourses surrounding linguistic imperialism; language and power; ELT methodology, curricula and materials etc be taken forward at the local level? Consequently, he is also interested in the changing role and of English in the world and the debates surrounding the ‘ownership’ of English and World Englishes.

    In addition to two books with Routledge, 'The Routledge Handbook of English Language Teaching' (ed.) and 'Exploring English Language Teaching: Language in action', Graham's most recent published research has focused on the use of the learners' own language (i.e. the L1) in the ELT classroom.



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