Jeremy  Koselak Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jeremy Koselak

Secondary RtI Coordinator
Colorado Springs School District 11

I am currently the the RtI Coordinator for a large urban school district and the former Director of the tutoring center at Palmer High Schools. I enjoy working with teachers, principals and teams to improve how they respond to student data and opportunity gaps for non-dominant students. areas.

Subjects: Education


I have spent most of my career working with students who I used to consider to be "at-risk" but now have come to recognize them as "non-dominant."  I am fully aware of the obstacles students face and educators face in a system not well designed for deep collaboration and more engaging educational opportunities.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I do extensive research on achievement gaps, opportunity gaps, and supporting educators with turning knowledge into action.  I am also deeply involved with research around leveraging collaborative teacher teams, adult learning theory, and consulting with school leaders and teachers to improve systematic interventions.

Personal Interests

    I enjoy travel with my family, yoga, basketball, hiking, and reading science fiction.


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